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Playstation 3 gaming log : Intro

In an effort to accomplish new goals and challenges in life I have decided to pick up a gaming hobby to be more productive in life.

I used to play lots of computer games when i was little but as I grew older and transitioned to college I decided to quit playing games to bring my grades up. Apparently quiting what i love doing best actually made me more depressed and I ended up getting Cs and Ds instead of As.

So now I will return to the gamer life style from scratch. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any games so I am a bit rusty. I am planning on playing all the ps3 games first and then getting a ps4 in the future.

I am a fan of adventure/action/quest games but I recently discovered new skilling games such as The Voice, UFC personal trainer, Just Dance. These new games will teach me some skills in real life instead of completing random quests for virtual gold. I am planning on dedicating 8 hours a week to play ps3 and documenting my adventures.

Updates TBA, thanks for reading!

And yes, the ps3 is not that expensive compared to other hobbies such as golf, martial arts, traveling, eating and drinking. PS3 games are affordable and anyone can pick up this hobby if they have time.

ufc ps3

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Five reasons : Why you should learn French

I would like to learn a new language. I am already fluent in English and Vietnamese. In addition to English, I have also picked up a few new languages along the way: Spanish, Thai, Japanese and Mandarin. I only learned Japanese for fun to watch anime, but now I need to learn a more useful language!

Now I would like to learn French. Below are some reason you should learn French too!

  1. French is the second largest language used along with English!
  2. It will help you advance your career if your interested in working in France
  3. Famous Scientist are from France!
  4. You can visit Paris
  5. It’s fun to learn


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My plan for academic success


To get into grad school or med school your (science) GPA must be 3.5 or above. If you don’t have that, consider changing your major or going back to school to start your quest over again. The last 60 units (your last two years) of undergrad/grad courses you take must be a 3.0 GPA or above.

Here is what i’ll be doing for the next two years

  1. Take fun technical courses at community college
  2. Take online extension courses
  3. Take open enrollment courses at my local university

Keep in mind that school doesn’t really guarantee you a job. It is up to you to network with professionals and make new friends along the way that can help you get your foot in the door. So the courses that you take will be just for fun to boast up your gpa. If the class is not fun, don’t take them.






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How to manage stress

People are always complaining about how work/school makes them stressed out and tired but they are not doing anything about it. I believe there is a solution to this problem

In order to tackle this situation the key is to be organized.

Step 1: Get a notebook/journal

Step 2: Write down everything you need to do for that day/week

  • Read a book
  • Send an email
  • Write a blog entry
  • Read ch 1 of your textbook
  • Answer free response questions
  • Go to a meeting
  • Catch up with a friend
  • Network with professionals

Step 3: Allot your time so that you can complete each thing accordingly to plan.

Step 4: Set a specific timeframe to complete your task. Ex : 30 minutes to one hour.

Step 5: Complete each task and mark them off one by one as you go

Step 6: Did you go over your time limit? Try to keep in mind what happened that made you go overtime.

Step 7: Reward yourself by the end of the day for your hardwork and keeping up with your organization skills.

  • Reward yourself with ice cream
  • Video games
  • Hobbies/free time


Good luck to my fellow people and let me know if this method helps you reduce stress




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Tips for buying a car

When your buying a new car here are some things to consider.

First do some research on what car you want to buy and make a decision. Would you like a used car or a new car? How long do you plan on keeping the car? Will you sell it back after a few years or keep it for longer then 5 years?

  1. Look up the price on the INTERNET.
    1. There is an app called truecar that may help you
    2. print that out and bring it with you to the dealer
  2. Make sure you test drive your car
  3. Make sure the car has all the specs you want
    1. A power-lift gate
    2. fog lights?
    3. Key-less entry
    4. Additional stepping stands for suv or truck
    5. A third row if you prefer more seats (for suvs)
    6. A top ramp for SUVs
    7. Additional fog lights?
    8. Back cameras
    9. Good air conditioning system
    10. Additional Tech installed

Lastly, before you sign anything

  1. Negotiate the price
  2. Do you have money for additional warranty? Avoid it if you don’t.
  3. They won’t stop talking and try to persuade you to pay more for useless stuff. If they keep doing that, just walk out and not purchase anything at all. Come back another day or shop elsewhere :).


For now, do research on the car that you really want. Keep in mind the price and special features that each car has. Every car is different and it’s important to have the one that has everything that meets your expectation.


new cars
Google searched : new cars
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Ichigo drinks vitamin water


ichigo drinks vitamin water marked

Ichigo doesn’t really drink vitamin water but I thought I used the tools and objects that I have near me to create this photo.

For background information, Ichigo is a character from an anime called Bleach. As a shinagami, his main job involves destroying disturbed souls that have been converted into hollows. These souls can then rest in peace after they have been cleansed.

*disclaimer : Vitamin water and bleach have nothing to do with each other. I just though I put them together for fun.

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How to Study Effectively – Step one Get organized

Being organized is one way to make studying easier and get things done quicker in all aspects of life. Below I will show you how to be more organized in your life so that you can accomplish more things and have more time to go walk around town and practice your people manipulation skills.

How must one do this?

First create a to do list of things that need to be organized

  • Your desk
  • Your books
  • Your notes based on different chapters, different classes, different dates.
  • Your classes
  • A list of your friends that don’t really go anywhere you invite
  • A list of your friends that can help you become successful
  • A list of people that are evil and rude to you

Next just do it!

  • Stack your books in neat piles
  • Clear your desk of all junk and stuff your not studying
  • Organized your notes neatly in a binder

Lastly, get even more organized now that your already on an organization spree

  • Organize your papers into neat lines
  • Organize your books based on size
  • Organize your snacks into squares
  • Organize your grapefruit and oranges into triangles
  • Organize your pencils based on their size
  • And if all else fails you should get under a table and turn into a giraffe and then stare at your phone for 10 minutes.


Perhaps I am getting carried away, but hopefully this helps you become more motivated to be more organized when you are studying!

Once you are well organized, you can finally study in peace (after spending 3 hours cleaning up your desk).


Giraffe taken from the google images


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How to hunt for gold in three easy steps

For the adventurous and spirited individuals, there are great treasures out there to be discovered. Treasure hunting and gold hunting shall be your new hobby if you are one of the individuals that seek  richness and fame! Below I will give you three steps on how to start your gold hunting business!

Step 1: Get a pan, or metal detector

Step 2: Go to the beach or somewhere where no one goes but people lose things there a lot

Step 3: Take out your metal detector/pan and start hunting!


You will most likely find trash and old seashells the first time but if you keep at it, your gold hunting skills will level up! Good Luck and thanks for reading. Be sure to tune in next time to learn how to defend yourself from people that want to steal your gold.

gold meme.PNG

Be sure to check out the 7 best locations for hunting for gold!

  1. Arkansas – Ouachita National Forest
  2. Colorado – Cripple Creek
  3. Alabama – Gold Camp
  4. Montana – Libby Creek Recreational Gold Panning Area
  5. Idaho – Alta Ranch
  6. North Georgia – Consolidated Gold Mine
  7. Colorado – Arkansas River

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How to grow Tomato in Containers

Tomatoes are really easy to grow. Below I will show you how to grow them


Step 1. Buy a tomato plant from home depot or any nursery.

Step 2. Get a 20 gallon pot and add potting soil to it. Miracle grow or nature’s care are most recommended.

Step 3. Transplant your tomato plant into the pot

Step 4. Add a trellis to your pot to ensure your tomato plant gets the proper support that it needs. You can buy inexpensive trellis at the 99cent store.

Step 5. Water your plant daily and watch it grow

Step 6. Fertilize your plants once a week

Step 7. Watch it grow!

Good luck planting fellow farmers!