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Why I decided to learn Android Apps when I spent so much time studying Life Science

The booming technological industry

Doesn’t it make you feel fidgety?

Being a consumer

Has given me tumors

To become a creator

To develop a better solution to solving people’s problems

Android is where I will blossom

Biology does not offer you the ability for innovation to spawn

Discovery and simple understanding makes me yawn

It’s time to change the world

to invent new technological applications!


Photo via google search
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Lenova Ideapad310

My Lenovo laptop won’t start up anymore. Well I can still turn it on but it shows me a blank screen with the cursor on it. I’ve been using it for storing videos and recording videos but then it just suddenly decided to crash one day and won’t turn on anymore.


Lenovo Lenovo Why do you fail me?

I would like to be free

The features on you were not so great

I had lots of difficulty multitasking while waiting

So I kept your usage to a minimum

My dell is faster then you

Why should I continue to use you

You are very buggy

Perhaps the GPU was muggy

when I was recording gameplay

I heard a neigh

Crash Crash error error

You failed me sir

AMD a12, what is that?

Is that suppose to be better then Intel core i5?

Since you crashed, I will say no it’s not.

Although your 16gb ram is higher then 8gb.

Your higher numbers doesn’t represent who you are

As you are slower then my dell.

I was a fool to have trusted you!

lenovo photo found via google



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Motivation for studying : Adventure and gold


The study of life

They study of creations

That ability to manipulate things

We us adventurers must unit the nations

And look for gold with our wings

So don’t give up!

Do not worry about others negativity

Pull yourself together and keep your head up

You are not in captivity

So push yourself to overcome this challenge!

stock photo
I found this on google images
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Hands up for Science

Science why do I study you

It takes years to be a professional in this field

yet the opportunities are limited

Five years of studying

Was it all for nothing?

But why live in the past

when you can begin a new chapter in the present

Now science is just a hobby

There is no money in it

It is all for educational charity

We study for fun

We teach for fun

We take exams for fun

We write hypothesis for fun

And research newer innovative thoughts

But we cannot live in a mansion for fun

That’s what we can’t do

Unless we win the lottery

50$ a month on lottery tickets

Let’s build a giant science hall

And educate others for free!

Hands up if you love science.


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My writing procrastination

I spent 3 weeks trying to write a 200 word critical thinking paper on how bacteria compete with one another. But it’s getting nowhere.

Research Research Research

Write Write Write

Snooze Snooze Snooze

I think I’ve found an answer

That might give me cancer

But wait, let me stare at this article

For 3 more hours

Now I got sleeping powers

Perhaps I should start writing

Paenibacillus dendritiformis

Stares at the document for another hour.

What a fool I am

Perhaps I should just go with my gut

And become a spam robot

Antibiotics, Fratricide, Bacteriocins

An alternative to preserving food that is safe and efficient

without the use of chemicals

My topic is terrible

Waits another week.


My number one weakness. Solution: Go with you gut and just do it. Find out what your missing and rewrite. Don’t wait too long


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Back to the basics : Cornell Notes

I forgot how to study,

My notes seemed really muddy

I scribbled many things on my paper

Yet remembered nothing

Now I went back to basics

And I’m doing cornell notes now

Now here is something you can chow on

Viruses , viruses that’s what I’m learning

Some contain an envelope and some are naked

But if you keep checking them out

The filoviridae will latch itself onto your eyes

Soon You’ll be eating bloody pies

Inside a body bag

So  wear a biohazard suite and stay away

And be keep swaying your life until the day ends.



ebola meme
Source : google Image. I hope it’s not ebola.


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What’s a dimorphic fungus?

A dimorphic fungus can alternative between both yeast and mold body types

They switch based on the environmental conditions that they are currently living within.


Examples of Dimorphic Fungi include:

  1. Aureobasidium pullulans
  2. Histoplasma capsulatum
    1. 20°C – 25°C = Mold
    2. 37°C = yeast
  3. Sporothrix spp
    1. 25°C = Mold
    2. 37°C = Yeast



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To be a master at something

They say that to be good at something you must spend 3 hours a day everyday for ten years practicing until you mastered the concept by heart.

Why is it so hard? I suppose to make it less harder and more enjoyable there should be a reward for completing each task. People wouldn’t normally perform a hard task endlessly unless there is a reward at the end of the road right?

Some ridiculous examples :

Iron fist water slapping : Why do we do this? It makes no sense but the main goal is to build discipline to make our hands toughen over time. What’s the reward? Gaining that new skill set and building destructive palms.

Reading a book : Why do we do this? Nobody knows only god knows!

Reviewing for a quiz:  Can be accomplished by taking a practice quiz and looking up the answers to the problems you got wrong. Repetition works best until your brain is fried. Then reward yourself with some ice cream and get back to your other trainings.

So what is the reward for completing these complicating arduous task? Your reward is ice cream. Just remember, there is ice cream at the end of the road, enough for you to spend 10,000 hours on performing the same old task over and over again.


In conclusion I leave you with this image. Why did i get a 60% on this quiz even though I spent so much time studying? Nobody knows, only god knows! I’m assuming I don’t get any ice cream then :(.

micrio quiz


Photo credits : Google images





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Here’s how I study for science courses


First day stared at the book

Spent the whole day taking notes

Recombinant DNA got that down

Microbial genetics and Metabolism got it down

Took a practice quiz and reviewed my notes

Then moved on to the next chapter and repeated the steps

Waited another week to review the book

Then hesitated to take the quiz

One week later took the quiz.

Found out I got 48%

What in God’s name is going on?

Am I just wasting time

School is such a waste of time and money don’t you agree?



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Playstation 3 gaming log : Intro

In an effort to accomplish new goals and challenges in life I have decided to pick up a gaming hobby to be more productive in life.

I used to play lots of computer games when i was little but as I grew older and transitioned to college I decided to quit playing games to bring my grades up. Apparently quiting what i love doing best actually made me more depressed and I ended up getting Cs and Ds instead of As.

So now I will return to the gamer life style from scratch. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any games so I am a bit rusty. I am planning on playing all the ps3 games first and then getting a ps4 in the future.

I am a fan of adventure/action/quest games but I recently discovered new skilling games such as The Voice, UFC personal trainer, Just Dance. These new games will teach me some skills in real life instead of completing random quests for virtual gold. I am planning on dedicating 8 hours a week to play ps3 and documenting my adventures.

Updates TBA, thanks for reading!

And yes, the ps3 is not that expensive compared to other hobbies such as golf, martial arts, traveling, eating and drinking. PS3 games are affordable and anyone can pick up this hobby if they have time.

ufc ps3