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Ten other things to do on Thanksgiving


Not everyone eats Turkey on Thanksgiving and not everyone has people to celebrate Thanksgiving with. So below I have listed ten other things that people can do to celebrate this wonderful Holiday!

Here are ten other things you can do on Thanksgiving when you don’t have anyone to celebrate it with.


  1. Go to Walmart and shop for snacks (Most stores are closed but Walmart is still open)
  2. Eat Chimichangas at Walmart for 1$ each.
  3. Buy Soda’s and Drinks at Walmart
  4. Go Hiking, travel somewhere locally
  5. Play a game on your phone – Otogi Spirit Agents
  6. Make a funny video
  7. Travel to Starbucks
  8. Buy Popcorn chicken at Walmart for 2 dolla and fifty cents and walk around and eat it
  9. Go to the park/gym and jog around
  10. Buy 1000$ worth of Toilet Paper.