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Less then one week left

Less then one week left

To complete my test

So much stress

I want to play chess

and sit back to rest

Do I hear a yes?


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College Academic Problems : How to deal with tough professors

You spent 3 weeks reviewing lecture notes, answering problem sets, making flashcards and doing all you can to prepare for your quiz/exam and when you finally take your test you notice that there are some questions that are new to you and were not covered in class. In life, there will always be unjust and bias reasonings so it is good to learn how to deal with these things at it’s earliest stage.

So you got your test back and you got an unfair score of 66% because of this injustice!

What can you do now? Below I will give some solutions

  1. Review the questions that you did not understood, especially the ones that were not covered in the class
  2. Go to office hours with a strong sales pitch and find out the answers
  3. Study/make flashcards, memorize those questions/answers – most likely it will show up again and throw you off.
  4. Ask for tips on how to prepare for the final exam (You already know the professor will throw in never before heard of questions so it is best to ask ahead)
  5. Ask: Was “this” test question covered in the assigned reading (you need to ask this question, if it wasn’t you can use it against your professor)?
  6.  Ask: Was this test question covered in the lecture?

Learn how to solve your own problems and plan out your academic success. If you can do this, you can get through your next class. Most likely the next professor will probably use the same tactics to get everyone to fail or get a C grade. College courses have a larger student size and professors do not have time to know/help everyone in need so make good use of your free time/office hours….. To be successful you need to get a B+ or higher in all your courses.

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Thanks for reading

for more information see these links:

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Advice for students entering Kollege for the first time

Congratulations! You earned that 4.0 GPA in high school and got accepted into a prestigious university. What now?

Be wary young adventurers, college is not a place for fun and games!

Keep in mind that you should still try your best to keep up a 3.5+++ GPA during your undergraduate years. It will be a lot more difficult to keep up your grades due to the large class size and competition that you will be faced with.

1. There will be difficult people/students in your way of success. Here’s how you deal with them.

  • Get a gopro
  • Carry it and livestream it everywhere you go
  • Write a story about them
  • Report to a higher up/counselor

2. There will also be people doing drugs and dranking while underage. Here’s what you should do.

  • Avoid them, or befriend them and join them
  • Your grades are more important so don’t stay around this situation for too long

3. You probably forgot about Graduate school/professional schools because you were busy having too much fun. 

  • Get a notebook and write down goals for yourself.
  • Set weekly/monthly/yearly goals and long term goals
  • Review them each week and follow them!
  • It only takes ten minutes.

4. You forgot to gather professional reference or work experience

  • If your school has courses that prepare for the workforce be sure to take advantage of it
  • Be sure to look into internships and volunteer experience while your still in school
  • Also make sure to ask for reference and letters of recommendation (glowing) to build confidence.

5. What will you do after you graduate?

  • Plan this out during your junior year so you don’t end up unemployed or being a tramp/hobo after you graduate.

Sometimes your school may have Dual 4+1 or 4+2 programs that offer you a masters or professional health degree when you graduate for an extra year or two. If you can research this area and get accepted into one of those programs then you can save a lot of money and time!


Thanks for reading!


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My plan for academic success


To get into grad school or med school your (science) GPA must be 3.5 or above. If you don’t have that, consider changing your major or going back to school to start your quest over again. The last 60 units (your last two years) of undergrad/grad courses you take must be a 3.0 GPA or above.

Here is what i’ll be doing for the next two years

  1. Take fun technical courses at community college
  2. Take online extension courses
  3. Take open enrollment courses at my local university

Keep in mind that school doesn’t really guarantee you a job. It is up to you to network with professionals and make new friends along the way that can help you get your foot in the door. So the courses that you take will be just for fun to boast up your gpa. If the class is not fun, don’t take them.






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Softness – A weakness that will prevent your authoritativeness from shining


Growing up I have always listened to what my parents tell me to do. Follow the rules, don’t lie, don’t cheat and study. My parents wanted me to become a doctor but they never really gave me any guidance. They yelled at me very often and blamed me for being in the way of their success.

Because of this, I grew up to become too soft, too sensitive and weak. This is my weakness. Whenever people tell me things i listen to them and accept it gracefully. But whenever I tell other people to fix their mistakes and follow the rules, they often rejected my ideas. I’m used to not talking back to people because I have always been yelled at. So this is my weakness. I’m too soft and I lack the skills to assert my authoritativeness amongst others. Because of this, I was unable to become successful and lacked the confidence to move up into higher ranking positions.

Below I will give you examples of why being too soft is not a good thing

Being too soft can lead to

  • Other people taking advantage of you
  • Not being able to pursue your goals and dreams
  • Not being successful
  • Letting other’s get away with bullying you
  • Letting your past friends blackmail you and bully you and prevent you from getting straight A’s in school.
  • Letting other people take credit for your work that you worked so hard on
  • Always giving other people what they want without having them working for it
  • Getting ripped off from Sales reps making you overpay for something you don’t need (car dealers, gym membership, spa membership etc).


To counter this I have utilized my knowledge from watching Anime and reading self-help books to provide a solution to not be soft. You need to be strong to be able to pick up leadership positions and to rank up amongst society. Don’t ever be weak and don’t let other people’s words get to you.

To not be soft it is wise to

  • Know the rules and loopholes, and how to get out of things
  • Show hatred amongst other without feeling too guilty.
  • You want to help someone improve their skills, come up to them and show some advice, if they reject you or hate you, so be it!
  • Don’t be too soft and don’t give in to what people want
  • If a salesman tries to sell you something you don’t want and they continuously repeat it, just get up and walk out of that door. They will want to fight you, be ready.


So what are the basic steps to improving your skills so that we can overcome this challenge?

  • Take an assertive communication class
  • Be consistent at your weakness and try to improve them
  • Know what your strengths and weaknesses are
  • Learn from leaders that can teach you very well
  • Only follow coaches and leaders that are good at helping you becoming a leader/coach yourself.
  • Take a self defense class to fight bullies
  • Learn how to use weapons
  • Learn how to use words
  • Challenge yourself to pick up tough obstacles throughout life
  • Keep a diary of everything you do and all your encounters and hardships
  • Do not follow useless friends around
  • Learn how to endure pain and suffering and get through it
  • Always take the blame for everything and find solutions to the related problems, this will toughen you up and allow you to move up to the next tier.




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How to be successful in college during your undergraduate years : Academic Success

Success photo from google images

I went to a really good university during my school days. The average GPA to get into the school was about a 4.0. I was lucky to get accepted with a 3.8 GPA in high school. But everything went downhill when I was in college. My gpa in College wasn’t that great. So now I would like to leave some advice for future students that want to be successful.

In order to be successful in college you must get a 3.5+ GPA or higher. This is especially important during your undergraduate years because this GPA will allow you to be qualified for graduate school and financial aid/grants.

The GPA cutoff is really important to ensure your success in the future. Even if you have extremely high leadership activities but your GPA is below a 3.0, it will be extremely hard to move directly into graduate school. And it will also be hard to find a job because, the field that you are studying, does not have a high job outlook without a Master’s degree.

List of useless bachelor’s degree : Biology, History, Music.

College is very different from High School. Your teachers will not be there to spoon feed you or help you when you fail. IT is up to you to find ways to be successful. You will need extra money to hire a tutor, or coach to ensure your success.


Problems I have encountered during my undergraduate days:

  1. Other student’s complaining about how hard the class is
  2. Professors not telling you what to study for the exams
  3. Professors just blabbbing useless stuff during lectures
  4. Failing a midterm and not getting the right help to get back on track
  5. Students that pretend to be your friend to get a hold of your past exam.
  6. Not being able to find internship or related volunteer opportunities
  7. Getting blackmailed by friends
  8. Wasting time with student organization’s officer positions


IF you encounter these problems too, I suggest you step away from it and go find professional help. Ask leaders for help or go to a counselor (if there is one).


So how can you get the 3.5+ GPA in college?

This is really hard to explain as my GPA in college was below a 3.0 because of all the problems that I encountered. But I have met people from student organizations that have 3.5 and above and were able to get accepted to grad school,pharmacy school, and med school. So it is possible to still reach this goal.

Here’s what I’ve read so far on how to get straight A’s in college

  1. Be Organized, organized your weekly schedule
  2. Study at the same time everyday, consistently
  3. Use spacial learning to help you remember things
  4. Study in different places, one day in the library, next day at the student lounge,
  5. Take a break every 50 minutes
  6. Reward yourself after you completed a midterm, assignment, problem set.
  7. Take good notes and pay attention to just the main points
  8. Don’t stare at your notes for too long. If you are doing this, consider finding a hobby or taking a break and then resume your studies.
  9. Create your own social life schedule, be a leader
  10. Don’t follow useless people around
  11. Don’t hangout with toxic friends, they will gossip and speak ill of you to make you fail
  12. Find hobbies that can help you be successful in life so you don’t get depressed.



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How to manage stress

People are always complaining about how work/school makes them stressed out and tired but they are not doing anything about it. I believe there is a solution to this problem

In order to tackle this situation the key is to be organized.

Step 1: Get a notebook/journal

Step 2: Write down everything you need to do for that day/week

  • Read a book
  • Send an email
  • Write a blog entry
  • Read ch 1 of your textbook
  • Answer free response questions
  • Go to a meeting
  • Catch up with a friend
  • Network with professionals

Step 3: Allot your time so that you can complete each thing accordingly to plan.

Step 4: Set a specific timeframe to complete your task. Ex : 30 minutes to one hour.

Step 5: Complete each task and mark them off one by one as you go

Step 6: Did you go over your time limit? Try to keep in mind what happened that made you go overtime.

Step 7: Reward yourself by the end of the day for your hardwork and keeping up with your organization skills.

  • Reward yourself with ice cream
  • Video games
  • Hobbies/free time


Good luck to my fellow people and let me know if this method helps you reduce stress




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Microbiology: Anthrax – What exactly is it?

Anthrax is a gram positive rod shaped bacterium from the genome Bacillus anthracis. When the body is exposed to anthrax, it release toxins that potentially disturb immune system by destroying macrophages. This eventually leads the body to fall under septic shock and death may occur.

Anthrax is contain a D-glutamic acid capsule that is unrecognizable by white blood cells. White blood cells carry out phagocytosis and destroy foreign bacteria but it cannot recognize the D-glutamic acid therefore phagocytosis is inhibited.


If you have been found to be exposed to anthrax, go to a doctor and see if you can get some antibiotics:

  1. Take antibiotics for 60 days
  2. Some antibiotics include : penicillin, doxycline, and ciprofloxacin,
  3. Some can be adminstered via IV.


Further References:

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Computer Science Major – Possible Career outlook

In college, my main focus was biology. But there isn’t much to do with just a biology degree and I am unable to apply to professional schools due to my low gpa and a lack of tutoring and guidance. The class sizes were too large and professors did not have time to help students become successful. I believe a school/major that does not properly prepare students for professional schools and careers is an inadequate field of study.  Therefore I am considering self-teaching myself programming and studying computer science online just for fun. Below are some things that you can do with a degree in Computer Science:


Careers for Computer Science Majors:

  1. Software Applications Developer
  2. Computer Systems Analyst
  3. Computer Systems Engineer
  4. Network Systems Administrator
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Business Intelligence Analyst
  7. Web Developer
  8. Computer Programmer
  9. Software Systems Developer
  10. Software Quality Assurance (QA) tester.


The best thing about the CS field is that one can work remotely at home without traveling too far. But the job requires a lot of consistency and patience and no errors should be made otherwise you are done with your career forever!

Thanks for reading!

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