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My First anime review : Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi)

Quick Anime Review: Erased


I recently finished watching an anime called Erased and I would like to write a quick review on it. It took me two weeks to finish the entire 12 episodes but I finally finished it! I watched the first 3 episodes two weeks ago and then I rushed through the rest of the series last Sunday. I will try not to review any spoilers in this review.

Overall Theme:

I believe the overall theme of this anime is to learn from one’s mistake and to take actions from it. In this anime, the main character faces several challenges but he gets a second chance to change and make decisions to help out his friends that are in need.



This anime contains scenes of violence, and sadness. But aside from those horrible emotions there is also friendship and romance in this anime.

The Story/Plot:

I am not sure how to summarize the story without reviewing spoilers so I will try to keep it short and straight to the point! The main character’s name is Satoru Fujinuma. He has an unusual ability called Revival where he gets a second chance to travel back in time to change something that has disturbed his life. By using this ability the main character is able to journey back in time and walk through a case of an unknown kidnapper/murder that happened several years ago. He is able to reconnect with his friends at the cost of ____. I’ll let you figure it out when you see it!


I spent six hours watching the entire 12 episodes so I will give this anime a good grade of course. I will give it a 4 out 5 stars.  The cinematography is very good and the scenes seem pretty awesome! It takes place in a snowy town where everyone seems to know each other. The shots and scene transitions seem well made and well planned out. The characters were well made and I was not able to identify any flaws in this anime yet.

What now?

I looked up more information about this anime and I found out that they also have a live action film. I would like to take a look at it when I have time.

Here is the trailer for the anime and the live action movie from youtube:

Live Action Trailer:


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How to Order food in Japanese


This week I want to challenge myself and learn how to comfortably order food in Japanese so I would like to share this article with other people!

How to Order food at a Japanese Restaurant in Japanese

  1. Step 1: Go to a Japanese Restaurant
  2. Step 2: Sit down
  3. Step 3: Ask for an English menu (Unless you want one in Japanese :P)
    • Just say “英語のメニューがありますか?” (eigo no menyuu ga arimasu ka?
  4. Step 4: Thank the waiter/waitress
    • “ありがとうございます” (arigatou gozaimasu – Thank you)
    • Or just say arigatou
  5. Step 5: Order Drinks
    • You will be asked this : “お飲み物はいかが致しますか?” (onomi mono wa ika ga itashimasu ka? – What would you like to drink?).
    • Here is how you will respond to that : Just point at the item or say the name of the drink and add in _____ “お願いします” (onegai shimasu – Please).
  6. Step 6: Get some attention!
    1. Just yell out “すみません” (sumimasen – Excuse me).
  7. Step 7: Time to order some real food!
    • You’ll be asked this : “ご注文はお決まりですか?” (gochuumon wa okimari desu ka? – Have you decided what you want to order?).
    • If your not ready to order you can say : “もう少し時間を頂けますか?” (mou sukoshi jikan wo itadakemasu ka? – Can I have a little more time?)
    • When your ready to order you can order!
      1. Use this simple outline when your ordering
        1. State the food, number and thank them politely
        2. ______ + を一つお願いします” (_____ + wo hitotsu onegai shimasu – Can I have one of … please?)
        3. You need to learn the proper counters, (Hitotsu = 1, Futatsu =2, Mittsu = 3) see source number 2 at the bottom to learn more !
  8. Now you are done! Congratulations you just learned how to order some food in japanese! Now try it. Don’t be shy! :).
  9. Other phrases you should memorize and glue to your head:
    • “お勧めは何ですか?” (osusume wa nan desu ka? – What do you recommend?).
    • “これは何ですか?” (kore wa nan desu ka? – What is this?).
    • “あまり辛くない物はどれですか?” (amari karaku nai mono wa dore desu ka? – Which one is not too spicy?).
    • “お子様メニューはありますか?” (okosama menyuu wa arimasu ka? – Do you have a children’s menu?).
    • “ベジタリアンメニューはありますか?” (bejitarian menyuu wa arimasu ka?– Do you have a vegetarian menu?).
    • “卵を抜きにしてもらえますか?” (tamago wo nuki ni shite moraemasu ka? – Can I have it without egg?).
    • “申し訳ありません。カレーは本日売り切れてしまいました。メニューから他のものをお選び頂けますか?” (moushiwake arimasen. Karee wa honjitsu urikire te shimaimashita. Menyuu kara hoka no mono wo oerabi itadakemasu ka? – I am terribly sorry, but the curry has sold out. Would you like something else from the menu?).
    • “ラストオーダーになります。他にご注文はありませんか” (rasuto oodaa ni narimasu. Hoka ni gochuumon wa arimasen ka? – We are now taking last orders. Would you like to order anything else?).
    • “ありません” (arimasen – nothing).[Say it when you don’t want to order anything]
    • “お勘定をお願いします” (okanjou wo onegai shimasu – Can I have the bill, please?)
    • “お会計をお願いします” (okaikei wo onegai shimasu). (Also used to ask for the bill – in Tokyo).
    • “ごちそうさまでした” (gochisousama deshita – Thanks for the food)


Source :




*Pictures are from google.