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How to manage stress

People are always complaining about how work/school makes them stressed out and tired but they are not doing anything about it. I believe there is a solution to this problem

In order to tackle this situation the key is to be organized.

Step 1: Get a notebook/journal

Step 2: Write down everything you need to do for that day/week

  • Read a book
  • Send an email
  • Write a blog entry
  • Read ch 1 of your textbook
  • Answer free response questions
  • Go to a meeting
  • Catch up with a friend
  • Network with professionals

Step 3: Allot your time so that you can complete each thing accordingly to plan.

Step 4: Set a specific timeframe to complete your task. Ex : 30 minutes to one hour.

Step 5: Complete each task and mark them off one by one as you go

Step 6: Did you go over your time limit? Try to keep in mind what happened that made you go overtime.

Step 7: Reward yourself by the end of the day for your hardwork and keeping up with your organization skills.

  • Reward yourself with ice cream
  • Video games
  • Hobbies/free time


Good luck to my fellow people and let me know if this method helps you reduce stress




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How to treat chest pains – A home Remedy

Got chest pains for no particular reason? Below are three home methods you could try to use to relieve your chest pains. If these methods do not work, consult a doctor and get the right treatment.

Garlic : Boil some garlic and drink it!

Ginger : Make a ginger tea and drink it

Cayenne Pepper or Powder : Boil this and drink it with milk

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!



remedies for chest pain
Source from top10homeremedies


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How to make an educational video – six steps

How to make an educational video !

Step 1: Come up with ideas

  • Something that you are really good at, that you know very well so that you don’t have to spend too much time researching it
  • How to cook
  • How to speak in Japanese
  • How to take photos

Step 2:

  • Record a short speech of yourself showing how to perform those task
  • Keep your video to shorter then 1-2minutes

Step 3:

  • Edit your videos in postproduction
  • Make sure you have all your audio files and video and blogrolls ready

Step 4:

  • Review your entire video, hopefully it makes sense

Step 5:

  • Make final edits and upload to youtube

Step 6:

  • Share the video with your friends and family and online forums. Now you are ready to make your next video!

how to make videos

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How to : Conduct research and write something for your Analytical Chemistry Assignments

How to conduct research.

Step 1 : Come up with a topic that is interesting to you

  • LC/MS/MS
  • Matuszeweki approach on estimating matrix effects and recovery

Step 2: Google things, take short outline notes from articles that are related to your research topic

Step 3: Start Writing and make sure you insert your citations as you go so you don’t have to go back to it in the future.

Step 4: Edit

Step 5: If you are stuck just send an email to your professor or your fellow classmates. Then you’ll get some ideas rolling

Step 6: Final edits and final touch, then turn it in, And go do something fun like exercising, singing, or eating.

Step 7: Destress :). Try to avoid stress by managing your time and setting 1-2 hour timeframes for researching/writing and taking short breaks in between.

Some additional Tips and motivation to get you moving:

Think of it as running through a dungeon in an mmorpg game. You do the same thing over and over again because it is addicting. Why is it so addicting? Because your trying to get a godly item as a reward but you keep finding junk and uncommon gear. It makes you keep going back and back until you get what you want.

gandalf dungeon

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My Weekly Plan 2-5-2017 to 2-12-2017


Photo From Pin-Interest

I decided to start being more organized and productive by planning out my Week.


My main goal is to become successful!

Here is what I want to accomplish today and throughout the entire week.

School related:

  1. Wrap up my A-Chem hw assignment – Add citations/reference and add in more facts relating to the Van Deemter Equation
  2. Look up sources for future innovations for Chromatography – And also the limitations for UPLC and partially porous particles (All Due On Tuesday)
  3. Get started on Next week’s assignment
  4. Read CH 1 in the Art of Public Speaking – Be ready to discuss/ask questions in class


Entertainment Related:

  1. Created a one minute instructional video  related to the ASUS zenfone 3 max
    1. How to format sd card to use it as the default storage
  2. Go to the lunar new year festival for 1-2hours and take pictures for fun and ask people random questions.
    1. How are you? Why did you come here today? What are you looking forward to for the year of the Rooster?
    2. Document everything and rewrite it in a journal
  3. Practice guitar – one hour. Pick one song and review the chords


Professional Related:

  1. Write a short paragraph about your skills and expertise that you include in your resume
    1. Practice reading this over to yourself
    2. Then practice answering questions without looking at your notes
    3. Some questions to consider:
      1. Explain what you did when you were a _____ (something from resume) for the past 2 years?
        1. Make your answers relevant, entertaining and meaningful
  2. Develop assertive communication
    1. Look for problems and try to solve them assertively. Ask around how other leaders solve problems and use their methods.
    2. To goal is to be able to point out problems and solve them by reaching an agreeable win-win situation without making yourself or anyone else look bad.

Social Related:

  1. Make a new friend?
  2. See if you have any common hobbies or interest with anyone. If not, then move on.





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Sony A6000 Apps: How to purchase and download useful Apps

The sony A6000 mirrorless camera has a few apps that might come in handy. The timelapse app, the stopmotion app and the  double exposure

I wanted to use the timelapse app and stopmotion app to capture short videos but I had a lot of trouble downloading and installing them on my camera. But I’ve finally managed to download the timelapse app and I will now share my solution to this problem for free to other sony mirrorless camera users out there.

The stopmotion app might come in handy for making claymotion videos.

Frozen Playdoh Set from Target



Step 1: Create a Sony Entertainment account and set up your payment method

You will need to use your computer to create an account from the sony entertainment website if you don’t have one yet.  Once you’ve done that you will need to verify your email address and set up a payment method. You can link your credit card or your paypal to your sony account. I linked mine with paypal. Once you’ve done those two things you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Try to purchase an app and install it.

For this step I tried to purchase and download an app but it said that my credit card information is invalid. I’ve researched this problem online and noticed that many other people have experience the same problem as well. I’ve also had trouble installing the play memories downloader application to  download the apps with my camera connected to my computer. Read on to find the solution.

Solution #1 : Payment method

To solve the problem and bypass the invalid credit card message you will need to purchase a separate playstation gift card from Target or your local supermarket. I bought a 20$ gift card from target and I redeemed it through my account and it was able to load 20$ into my sony account’s wallet. You can now purchase the app of your choice.20161210_191215-1redeem-prepaid-card-playstation


Solution #2: Downloading/Installing the Apps

When I tried to download the time lapse app on my computer, it said I had to install their playmemories downloader application. Well I did that and nothing happened. They said that the program would autolaunch after it finished installing but it did not. The troubleshoot solutions said to restart and retry if it does not auto launch but that did nothing. I also could not locate that program anywhere on my computer. This was a very frustrating moment.

The Sony a6000 has wifi compatibility so you don’t really need to plug the usb into your computer. I solved this problem by disconnecting my camera from the usb port and connect it to the wifi instead. I then went to apps and downloaded the timelapse app directly from my camera. I already set up my account and payment method from step 1 so all I had to do was login and click download and install via my camera. And It finally worked.

*Note that even if you have money in your online wallet but have not set up a payment method, it will not let you purchase apps.

Hopefully that helps! Hopefully I can make 100+ videos and earn back the 20$ and time spent on figuring out how to use these apps.

Sources :



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How to calculate your calorie needs for muscle mass


If you are underweight, overweight, average weight or just want to build muscle and accomplish something in life, the first thing you need to do is learn how much you have to eat and incorporate that into your everyday nutritional diet. In this article I will review how to calculate your calorie needs and determine how much protein, fat and carbohydrates your body must consume in order to gain muscle mass/weight. Once you learned how much you need to eat to accomplish your goals then you can start going to the gym and learning the basics about lifting weights to failure.

Lean Bulk or Agressive Bulk?

If you are average weight you should aim for lean bulk. Which is your TDEE +250 calories

If you are underweight (That’s totally me). You should aim for aggressive bulk, which is your TDEE + 500 calories. This will help you gain weight more.

**TDEE stands for total daily energy expenditure**


Calculating your calorie intake and requirements

In order to determine your TDEE, you must first go to this website  and it will give you an estimate of how much calorie you need per day:

Once you have that number down you can use it to determine your protein, fat, and carbohydrate requirements


1g of protein per lb of your total body weight. Take that number multiply it by 4 to get your calories


0.45 grams of fat per lb of your total body weight. Take that number and multiply it by 9 to get your calories.


The remaining calories will be your carbohydrates. Add the total calories that you need for either aggressive or lean bulk to your TDEE.

Take that total number and subtract it from your protein and fat calories. This will give you your remaining calories of carbohydrates. Once you have that you can divide it by 4 to get the remaining grams of carbohydrates that you need.


So what number did you get, feel free to share!

I’m underweight and I would like to go for aggressive bulk so here are my nutritional requirements

Protein : 107g

Fat : 48.15g

Carbohydrates 434.66g

TDEE : 2600 Calories


I am  not sure how to keep track of what I eat but I will figure it out soon.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this article is helpful for other people that want to change their diet to gain muscle mass.


My protein food: Chicken, eggs, protein shake

Carbohydrates : Rice, oats, fruit, vegetables

Fats: Avocados, cheese, mixed nuts and seeds.


Remember, it’s all about what you eat that will make your body change. Don’t go to the gym and lift weights without proper nutrition!

In this article I only talked about calorie needs. To read more about gaining muscle and what kind of exercises you need to do, go to the link below:

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Ten things I am grateful for in life


I little bird told me that I should write down ten things I am grateful for every day in order to become more positive and successful.

Below are my ten positive things for today:

  1. Having enough food and water to survive
  2. Online guides on how to replace kitchen faucets made by other you-tubers.
  3. Having access weightlifting equipment
  4. Sunscreen/sunblock
  5. Polarized glasses
  6. Protein Shakes
  7. Being able to grow my own vegetables
  8. Knowing how to meet new people and attend social gatherings alone.
  9. Knowing how to make new friends and build up new connections throughout life
  10. Going hiking by myself without encountering any mountain lions
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Ways to speak well and listen better


I would like to share some tips and advice that I found online on how to speak well and listen more effectively.

Why learn how to speak more effectively?

I would like to be a leader and make my own decisions on who I want to talk to so I am sharing this useful article from These tips can be very useful for events at birthday parties, networking events, adventure trips.

First steps:

The first thing you do is plan out who your going to talk to, what your going to say and what your going to do next based on the other person’s response. Sometimes people will shoo you away or be uninterested in talking to you (It’s happened to me before). Make sure you use your listening skills and ask them why and then move on :). Think positively! You are a leader in charge of your own life!

When It’s time to talk here is what you should be doing/thinking:

  1. Organize your thinking first
    • Know what you want to say
  2. Say it
    • Just do it!
  3. Get to the point
    • Now that you were able to say what you were thinking about, you probably want to make a statement or request something. Now is the time to do that. If you want someone to do something better or change their habits, or would like more advice on how your doing, just ask!
    • What question did you wanted to ask? Did you wanted to get the person’s phone number, business card, contacts, or just be friends with them? Did you wanted to share your research findings, a project your working on?
    • Whatever point your trying to make, make sure you clarify in the beginning of your speech!
  4.  Be concise
    • Don’t blabber random stuff. Speak in a plain and well relaxed way. Use least words and words that people can understand.
  5. Be real
    • Be yourself, don’t fake it. Unless you are a professional actor or voice actor or comedian that has been training for this day :).
  6. Speak in images
    • Bring pictures and slideshows and show them to the person your talking to. This is how I feel right now, *Shows a picture of an elephant*.
    • Speak in words that allow the listener to visualize what your trying to say.

Tips to improve your listening skills:

  1. Listen carefully and thoughtfully
    • Just take notes mentally of what the other person is saying so you can remember it and bring it back into the conversation.
  2. Use your eyes
    • Keep your eyes open and DON’T CLOSE THEM.
    • Don’t break eye contact, unless your planning on going somewhere else like to the bathroom.
    • It’s a staring contest.
  3. Observe nonverbal signals when your listening
    • Watch the other person’s body language. What are they doing?
    • Some examples from the success article : Rubbing one eye, tapping feet, rubbing fingers, staring at something else, blinking, crooked smiles, avoiding eye contact.
    • Sometimes when I talk to people I notice they move around too much like they are nervous…. Have you noticed anything? Feel free to share.
    • Once you notice those body language, feel free to bring it up into the conversation. I noticed you were (Insert nonverbal signal here) would you like to take a quick break and (or insert something fun in here) get some tea sir?
    • It’s ok to ask these kind of questions when your talking to your friends in school or outside. Feel free to modify your questions up a little bit when your listening to someone more serious like a professor/teacher or higher up.
  4. Make Things easier
    1. Just make it clear to the speaker that you are listening to them and that you are understanding their ideas and thoughts. If you don’t, ask them to clarify it, don’t just nod and move on.
    2. If the conversation is not interesting, just politely walk away or change the subject to something more interesting (when you are with your friends or talking to people outside or at a party).

Source :

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Positive Thinking!


Think positively!

Thinking positively can help reduce depression and anxiety. It will also help you get rid of negative thoughts so that you can be more confident in yourself and work towards improving your own skills.

Can you remember the last time when you were thinking positively? What was it like? How did it make you feel?