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Aztec Water : Ten Fun Facts you should know!


Greetings to my fellow readers!!

Last Thursday I took my final exam at an ancient city of Aztecs and I was able to sneak out this bottle! I thought I’d write about it. I had a lot of fun making the video and coming up with ideas to write about! I hope you like reading my article and feel free to comment on what you think of this water.

Ten fun facts about Aztec Water:

  1. It’s crystal clear! Your Favorite Color Right?
  2. It taste just like regular water
  3. It has the Aztec Logo on it (The SDSU logo i believe)
  4. You can drink out of the bottle!
  5. It’s not something you normally drink at Starbucks! What do you normally drink at starbucks? Leave a comment!
  6.  The water originated from the ancient valley of the Aztecs (I made this up lol)
  7. You will gain magical powers from drinking this water!
  8. You can defend yourself with it (Watch the video, I will show you how)
  9. You will gain lots of Confidence when you drink this water!
  10. You can brag about this water to all your friends!


Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to check out my youtube video and channel for more videos! I will try to post one video each week.

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Bird Photography


I took a picture of a bird with a point and shoot camera.

Long yellow feet,

Long black beaks,

White feathers,

White furry hair,

What kind of bird could this be?

Is that you Gandalf? :P.

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Top 3 mistakes people make for travel videos

Below is a video that will help other video travel bloggers make better travel videos!

  1. Shots that do not serve a purpose
    1. Have a purpose for making your video. Why are you there. How did you get there? What are your goals? Tell a story!
  2. Not enough people
    1. People want to see what other people are doing
    2. If you are too shy to film your friends, just try practice asking them
  3. Not having a plan
    1. Plan out what your going to do and narrate it in your head first before you head on out
    2. It helps to write it down.


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Tips for shooting better travel video

I saw a video on tips for shooting better travel video that I would like to share!

Some tips from the video:

  1. Carry a nice backpack to pack all your camera gear.
  2.  Bring an extra charger
  3. Avoid Repetitive camera movement
  4. Better filming guide : Tilt the horizon, film low scenes, find good lighting, find good motion
  5. Hold each clip for 10 seconds to make crossfade
  6. Use external mic for sound editing

And always have fun!

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How to Effectively Film Your Travel Adventures!


Source :


I’m searching online on how to make good travel/adventure videos. I have a go pro and a mirrorless camera but so far I don’t know how to capture good enough footage to share to people yet.

Some tips that I found online that may aid in creating better videos:

  1. Share a story: Take your time to capture it. How did you get there? Make sure you capture the surroundings and landscapes. Describe the situation and explain to the viewer what is happening.
  2. Be as creative as an artist: Take advantage of the lighting that is available to you. Sunset, sunrise, in the middle of the day.
  3. Don’t capture too much: Don’t film too much! And also not everyone likes to be filmed so try to ask first before you film something. Try to film less but make sure it is of good quality.
  4. People like to see other people : Try and interview a person or two. Ask for their permission and come up with good questions and responses to them. Be bold and be brave!
    1. Ask them what they think about you filming.
    2. Ask them questions about their life/culture.
  5. Capture the Mood : Are you feeling sad, tired, adventurous, or annoyed? Make sure you film that part by using your creativity.
  6. Entertain : You are the main character of your videos! Try to act a little crazy and out of the ordinary sometimes! Get out of your comfort zone!


*the picture above is from the San Diego County Fair.