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Lenova Ideapad310

My Lenovo laptop won’t start up anymore. Well I can still turn it on but it shows me a blank screen with the cursor on it. I’ve been using it for storing videos and recording videos but then it just suddenly decided to crash one day and won’t turn on anymore.


Lenovo Lenovo Why do you fail me?

I would like to be free

The features on you were not so great

I had lots of difficulty multitasking while waiting

So I kept your usage to a minimum

My dell is faster then you

Why should I continue to use you

You are very buggy

Perhaps the GPU was muggy

when I was recording gameplay

I heard a neigh

Crash Crash error error

You failed me sir

AMD a12, what is that?

Is that suppose to be better then Intel core i5?

Since you crashed, I will say no it’s not.

Although your 16gb ram is higher then 8gb.

Your higher numbers doesn’t represent who you are

As you are slower then my dell.

I was a fool to have trusted you!

lenovo photo found via google





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