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How is bread able to survive for so long>?

Listen to my rhymes, listen to me spit and watch and learn, from the future master life science!


Bread bread bread

Why do you make me so red?

The most essential and basic ingredients to satisfy our meals

So much sex appeal


First, Throw some flour

From your 100 ft tower

Next, Throw some water

Taken from Harry Potter

Lastly, Throw some Yeast

But watch out for the Priest!

Don’t forget to add some salt

or you will be in fault.

That’s all you need!

But wait, there’s more

Benzoyl Peroxide

Calcium peroxide


Preservatives that will make your bread look fresh

and deliciously refreshing


Until the cancer kicks in…

Don’t be a dummy!


Photo taken from google search. Yummy cinnamon bread! Until the preservative cancer kicks in…


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