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How to free style rap

When I was nine years old, people told me to hush and stop talking so that was what I did for a long time. But now I decided to learn how to rap. The internet is a great place to learn new skills.

Below are nine steps that will teach you how to become a freestyle rapper!

  1. Start with basic easy words, second grade level
  2. Keep the flow going
  3. Be one step ahead and come up with rhymes
  4. Write your lyrics
  5. Rap about the things that you see in your everyday life
  6. Use Metaphors
  7. Refer to current events that are going on.
  8. Rap with other people
  9. Keep practicing!

They say that you can master a skill in ten years (10,000 hours) if you spend 3 hours a day everyday practicing. I would like to see if this is true.


rap time

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