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College Academic Problems : How to deal with tough professors

You spent 3 weeks reviewing lecture notes, answering problem sets, making flashcards and doing all you can to prepare for your quiz/exam and when you finally take your test you notice that there are some questions that are new to you and were not covered in class. In life, there will always be unjust and bias reasonings so it is good to learn how to deal with these things at it’s earliest stage.

So you got your test back and you got an unfair score of 66% because of this injustice!

What can you do now? Below I will give some solutions

  1. Review the questions that you did not understood, especially the ones that were not covered in the class
  2. Go to office hours with a strong sales pitch and find out the answers
  3. Study/make flashcards, memorize those questions/answers – most likely it will show up again and throw you off.
  4. Ask for tips on how to prepare for the final exam (You already know the professor will throw in never before heard of questions so it is best to ask ahead)
  5. Ask: Was “this” test question covered in the assigned reading (you need to ask this question, if it wasn’t you can use it against your professor)?
  6.  Ask: Was this test question covered in the lecture?

Learn how to solve your own problems and plan out your academic success. If you can do this, you can get through your next class. Most likely the next professor will probably use the same tactics to get everyone to fail or get a C grade. College courses have a larger student size and professors do not have time to know/help everyone in need so make good use of your free time/office hours….. To be successful you need to get a B+ or higher in all your courses.

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