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How to be successful in college during your undergraduate years : Academic Success

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I went to a really good university during my school days. The average GPA to get into the school was about a 4.0. I was lucky to get accepted with a 3.8 GPA in high school. But everything went downhill when I was in college. My gpa in College wasn’t that great. So now I would like to leave some advice for future students that want to be successful.

In order to be successful in college you must get a 3.5+ GPA or higher. This is especially important during your undergraduate years because this GPA will allow you to be qualified for graduate school and financial aid/grants.

The GPA cutoff is really important to ensure your success in the future. Even if you have extremely high leadership activities but your GPA is below a 3.0, it will be extremely hard to move directly into graduate school. And it will also be hard to find a job because, the field that you are studying, does not have a high job outlook without a Master’s degree.

List of useless bachelor’s degree : Biology, History, Music.

College is very different from High School. Your teachers will not be there to spoon feed you or help you when you fail. IT is up to you to find ways to be successful. You will need extra money to hire a tutor, or coach to ensure your success.


Problems I have encountered during my undergraduate days:

  1. Other student’s complaining about how hard the class is
  2. Professors not telling you what to study for the exams
  3. Professors just blabbbing useless stuff during lectures
  4. Failing a midterm and not getting the right help to get back on track
  5. Students that pretend to be your friend to get a hold of your past exam.
  6. Not being able to find internship or related volunteer opportunities
  7. Getting blackmailed by friends
  8. Wasting time with student organization’s officer positions


IF you encounter these problems too, I suggest you step away from it and go find professional help. Ask leaders for help or go to a counselor (if there is one).


So how can you get the 3.5+ GPA in college?

This is really hard to explain as my GPA in college was below a 3.0 because of all the problems that I encountered. But I have met people from student organizations that have 3.5 and above and were able to get accepted to grad school,pharmacy school, and med school. So it is possible to still reach this goal.

Here’s what I’ve read so far on how to get straight A’s in college

  1. Be Organized, organized your weekly schedule
  2. Study at the same time everyday, consistently
  3. Use spacial learning to help you remember things
  4. Study in different places, one day in the library, next day at the student lounge,
  5. Take a break every 50 minutes
  6. Reward yourself after you completed a midterm, assignment, problem set.
  7. Take good notes and pay attention to just the main points
  8. Don’t stare at your notes for too long. If you are doing this, consider finding a hobby or taking a break and then resume your studies.
  9. Create your own social life schedule, be a leader
  10. Don’t follow useless people around
  11. Don’t hangout with toxic friends, they will gossip and speak ill of you to make you fail
  12. Find hobbies that can help you be successful in life so you don’t get depressed.