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Tips for buying a car

When your buying a new car here are some things to consider.

First do some research on what car you want to buy and make a decision. Would you like a used car or a new car? How long do you plan on keeping the car? Will you sell it back after a few years or keep it for longer then 5 years?

  1. Look up the price on the INTERNET.
    1. There is an app called truecar that may help you
    2. print that out and bring it with you to the dealer
  2. Make sure you test drive your car
  3. Make sure the car has all the specs you want
    1. A power-lift gate
    2. fog lights?
    3. Key-less entry
    4. Additional stepping stands for suv or truck
    5. A third row if you prefer more seats (for suvs)
    6. A top ramp for SUVs
    7. Additional fog lights?
    8. Back cameras
    9. Good air conditioning system
    10. Additional Tech installed

Lastly, before you sign anything

  1. Negotiate the price
  2. Do you have money for additional warranty? Avoid it if you don’t.
  3. They won’t stop talking and try to persuade you to pay more for useless stuff. If they keep doing that, just walk out and not purchase anything at all. Come back another day or shop elsewhere :).


For now, do research on the car that you really want. Keep in mind the price and special features that each car has. Every car is different and it’s important to have the one that has everything that meets your expectation.


new cars
Google searched : new cars


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