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Microbiology: Anthrax – What exactly is it?

Anthrax is a gram positive rod shaped bacterium from the genome Bacillus anthracis. When the body is exposed to anthrax, it release toxins that potentially disturb immune system by destroying macrophages. This eventually leads the body to fall under septic shock and death may occur.

Anthrax is contain a D-glutamic acid capsule that is unrecognizable by white blood cells. White blood cells carry out phagocytosis and destroy foreign bacteria but it cannot recognize the D-glutamic acid therefore phagocytosis is inhibited.


If you have been found to be exposed to anthrax, go to a doctor and see if you can get some antibiotics:

  1. Take antibiotics for 60 days
  2. Some antibiotics include : penicillin, doxycline, and ciprofloxacin,
  3. Some can be adminstered via IV.


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