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How to manage stress

People are always complaining about how work/school makes them stressed out and tired but they are not doing anything about it. I believe there is a solution to this problem

In order to tackle this situation the key is to be organized.

Step 1: Get a notebook/journal

Step 2: Write down everything you need to do for that day/week

  • Read a book
  • Send an email
  • Write a blog entry
  • Read ch 1 of your textbook
  • Answer free response questions
  • Go to a meeting
  • Catch up with a friend
  • Network with professionals

Step 3: Allot your time so that you can complete each thing accordingly to plan.

Step 4: Set a specific timeframe to complete your task. Ex : 30 minutes to one hour.

Step 5: Complete each task and mark them off one by one as you go

Step 6: Did you go over your time limit? Try to keep in mind what happened that made you go overtime.

Step 7: Reward yourself by the end of the day for your hardwork and keeping up with your organization skills.

  • Reward yourself with ice cream
  • Video games
  • Hobbies/free time


Good luck to my fellow people and let me know if this method helps you reduce stress




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Banana plant : Red Abyssinian

This is my banana plant.

It was barely alive when I received it from the mail. But after 3 months, it’s starting to come back to life now!

banana plant update

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Tips for buying a car

When your buying a new car here are some things to consider.

First do some research on what car you want to buy and make a decision. Would you like a used car or a new car? How long do you plan on keeping the car? Will you sell it back after a few years or keep it for longer then 5 years?

  1. Look up the price on the INTERNET.
    1. There is an app called truecar that may help you
    2. print that out and bring it with you to the dealer
  2. Make sure you test drive your car
  3. Make sure the car has all the specs you want
    1. A power-lift gate
    2. fog lights?
    3. Key-less entry
    4. Additional stepping stands for suv or truck
    5. A third row if you prefer more seats (for suvs)
    6. A top ramp for SUVs
    7. Additional fog lights?
    8. Back cameras
    9. Good air conditioning system
    10. Additional Tech installed

Lastly, before you sign anything

  1. Negotiate the price
  2. Do you have money for additional warranty? Avoid it if you don’t.
  3. They won’t stop talking and try to persuade you to pay more for useless stuff. If they keep doing that, just walk out and not purchase anything at all. Come back another day or shop elsewhere :).


For now, do research on the car that you really want. Keep in mind the price and special features that each car has. Every car is different and it’s important to have the one that has everything that meets your expectation.


new cars
Google searched : new cars
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Microbiology: Anthrax – What exactly is it?

Anthrax is a gram positive rod shaped bacterium from the genome Bacillus anthracis. When the body is exposed to anthrax, it release toxins that potentially disturb immune system by destroying macrophages. This eventually leads the body to fall under septic shock and death may occur.

Anthrax is contain a D-glutamic acid capsule that is unrecognizable by white blood cells. White blood cells carry out phagocytosis and destroy foreign bacteria but it cannot recognize the D-glutamic acid therefore phagocytosis is inhibited.


If you have been found to be exposed to anthrax, go to a doctor and see if you can get some antibiotics:

  1. Take antibiotics for 60 days
  2. Some antibiotics include : penicillin, doxycline, and ciprofloxacin,
  3. Some can be adminstered via IV.


Further References:

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Ichigo drinks vitamin water


ichigo drinks vitamin water marked

Ichigo doesn’t really drink vitamin water but I thought I used the tools and objects that I have near me to create this photo.

For background information, Ichigo is a character from an anime called Bleach. As a shinagami, his main job involves destroying disturbed souls that have been converted into hollows. These souls can then rest in peace after they have been cleansed.

*disclaimer : Vitamin water and bleach have nothing to do with each other. I just though I put them together for fun.

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Computer Science Major – Possible Career outlook

In college, my main focus was biology. But there isn’t much to do with just a biology degree and I am unable to apply to professional schools due to my low gpa and a lack of tutoring and guidance. The class sizes were too large and professors did not have time to help students become successful. I believe a school/major that does not properly prepare students for professional schools and careers is an inadequate field of study.  Therefore I am considering self-teaching myself programming and studying computer science online just for fun. Below are some things that you can do with a degree in Computer Science:


Careers for Computer Science Majors:

  1. Software Applications Developer
  2. Computer Systems Analyst
  3. Computer Systems Engineer
  4. Network Systems Administrator
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Business Intelligence Analyst
  7. Web Developer
  8. Computer Programmer
  9. Software Systems Developer
  10. Software Quality Assurance (QA) tester.


The best thing about the CS field is that one can work remotely at home without traveling too far. But the job requires a lot of consistency and patience and no errors should be made otherwise you are done with your career forever!

Thanks for reading!

computer science


  2. Google images