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How to : Save more space in your room after college.

It’s been over 2 years and you haven’t cleaned up your room. Now it’s full of junk and stuff that you don’t really need. There are old  textbooks,notebooks and lecture notes floating all over the place. What now? The best way to solve this problem is by getting rid of those things. First think to yourself, “will keeping all these amazing junk items help me become the god of success?” Probably Not! Now you can get rid of them.

Simply donate the textbooks to a library or friend and see if you can shred all your old notes somewhere.

If the above statement does not convince you to create more space in your room perhaps the following reasons below might:

Having more space in your room will:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Gives you more room to store other junk and more notes that may help you become successful in life.
  • Allows you to become more organized.
  • Being more organized = being more productive.
  • You can get more work done.
  • Less dust in the room.

Now that you have done that consider the following options below:

  1. Purchase a bunk bed
    • Get the one with a workstation/table underneath so you can stash more junk inside your room for the next two+ years of your life.
    • Consider searching online via google for something between $100-450
    • bunk beds
  2. Place an order and wait for your bunk bed to arrive.
  3. When your bunk bed has arrived get rid of your old bed.
  4. Assemble your new bed.


Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a successful businessman or businesswoman!








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