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How to : Arrange a coffee meeting with someone

It is always important to develop good people skills and take on leadership positions to make friends in life. One of the easiest way to take on a leadership position is by inviting someone over for coffee to get to know them better. Consider this an informative interview event or a networking event. Don’t worry about rejection, you are doing this to gain people skills and level up in life.

Below I will show you how to arrange a coffee meeting with someone and what to do if they end up not showing up or saying no.

  1. Pick a day that you are not busy and that most people are not busy and commit to that day as your coffee event.
    • Be flexible with your times/dates.
  2. Know what you want to say and why you are inviting this person for coffee
    • Life advice
    • Projects
    • School
    • Guidance
    • Common hobbies
  3. Invite them over for coffee at Starbucks or another place that you like
    1. If they say no don’t stress out too much about it and move on with the next person (It’s probably because you have nothing in common with them and they rather spend their free time doing something else).
    2. If they say yes but ends up not showing up, or making last minute errands/excuses it means they do not think of you as an important person.
      • It’s ok these things happen all the time don’t let it get to you
      • Move on with your life and ask other people out for coffee instead
      • Talk to strangers instead and share your stories with them.
  4. They finally accepted your invitation and decided to show up
    1. Congratulations you are one step closer to becoming a better people person/leader
    2. Know what you want to talk about and do not waste that person’s time
    3. Prepare a ten page speech and get ready to read everything word from word (jk don’t do that).
    4. Since you planned the event, you have to pay for their drink.
    5. Always take notes and follow up after the meeting is over.

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