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How to Study Effectively – Step one Get organized

Being organized is one way to make studying easier and get things done quicker in all aspects of life. Below I will show you how to be more organized in your life so that you can accomplish more things and have more time to go walk around town and practice your people manipulation skills.

How must one do this?

First create a to do list of things that need to be organized

  • Your desk
  • Your books
  • Your notes based on different chapters, different classes, different dates.
  • Your classes
  • A list of your friends that don’t really go anywhere you invite
  • A list of your friends that can help you become successful
  • A list of people that are evil and rude to you

Next just do it!

  • Stack your books in neat piles
  • Clear your desk of all junk and stuff your not studying
  • Organized your notes neatly in a binder

Lastly, get even more organized now that your already on an organization spree

  • Organize your papers into neat lines
  • Organize your books based on size
  • Organize your snacks into squares
  • Organize your grapefruit and oranges into triangles
  • Organize your pencils based on their size
  • And if all else fails you should get under a table and turn into a giraffe and then stare at your phone for 10 minutes.


Perhaps I am getting carried away, but hopefully this helps you become more motivated to be more organized when you are studying!

Once you are well organized, you can finally study in peace (after spending 3 hours cleaning up your desk).


Giraffe taken from the google images




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