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My April To do List

Things I plan on getting done for this April.

  1. Learn how to draw anime and create my first manga
  2. Take one or two of these classes
    • Anatomy, Medical Microbiology, Hematology, Analytical Chemistry Lab
    • Statistics
  3. Create a website/blog where I only post anime related things on it.
  4. Travel and practice my communication skills
  5. Read more books
  6. Be productive
  7. Gain Leadership skills
  8. Make new friends
  9. Learn how to plan my own events so I don’t have to wait on others to invite me.
  10. Join a Professional club
  11. Make a professional youtube video.
  12. Volunteer to gain leadership skills somewhere
  13. Research Schools and start sending in applications and practice for interviews and accepting rejection letters.




I am a wandering soul! I enjoy traveling and adventure. I am mostly on WP to read stories from other fellow adventurers and improve my writing skills. I read to seek information and learn about life to understand more about human relations. Feel free to follow and comment :).

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