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How to eat fancy ice cream without spending too much money – 7 easy steps

Below I will show you how to eat fancy ice cream without spending too much money in seven easy steps.

How to eat fancy ice cream:

Step 1 : Go to a grocery store

Step 2 : Buy these items

  • A big bucket of ice cream
  • A fancy plate
  • Some fancy ice cream cones
  • Some peanuts, caramel, chocolate, strawberry toppings
  • Oreos
  • An ice cream scooper

Step 3: Go home

Step 4: Take out your ice cream bucket and ice cream scooper and ice cream cones

Step 5: Scoop out as much ice cream as you want and add in as much toppings as you want. Now you are a monster!

Step 6 : Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have a large batch of 20+ fancy ice cream cones

Step 7: Eat it and  enjoy!

Fun things to try: Put your homemade ice cream in the freezer for storage. When the time is ripe take your ice cream batches out and bring them with you to the beach, friends party or outdoor festival. And sell them secretly for 5-10$ each. lol :D.


That’s all you have to do!

Thanks for reading! And remember to document your food adventures so you won’t forget about them when you reach an old age.

how to eat ice cream

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