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How to be a ninja


  1. Read books about ninjitsu and follow their philosophy and morals.
  2. Practice ninjitsu in privacy, don’t tell anyone your studying this
  3. Don’t dress like a ninja, dress like a normal person to blend in.
  4. Learn to be stealthy and sociable and friendly to everyone
  5. Learn how to fight, pick any martial arts you want. But don’t tell people that you practice martial arts and always avoid fights at all cost.
  6. Learn how to control your emotions
  7. Develop good people skills
  8. Learn how to use weapons
  9. Learn how to escape hazardous situations
  10. Practice safe and be careful out there. It’s 2017 and not everyone can summon dragons or throw fireballs with their hands.


ninja meme
source #knowyourmeme


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