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How to write a business plan – Executive Summary

Business is not a field of study for lazy people. There is a lot of work and planning involved in the field of business and one must be on top of his/her work to keep up with demand to meet expectations.

To understand more of business, I decided to conduct research on how to write a business plan and will briefly go over the executive summary below.

What is it?

  • The summary will give your readers a brief insight as to what your business is and what services your business provides
  • It is the first thing that most investors read before they want to invest in your business
  • The summary lists the strengths and overall plan of your business
  • Because the executive summary contains the most information about your business, it should be the last thing you write to ensure that everything is covered.

What is included in the executive summary?

  • The mission statement
  • Company Information
  • Growth Highlights
  • Your Products/service
  • Financial Information
  • Summarization of future plans/goals


Notes : Executive summaries are written in most well known and well established business. For new business and start ups, you won’t have much to write on your summary but that’s ok. Give it some time.

Although Executive summaries and written last in your business plan, the readers usually read the executive summaries first.



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