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What is pudding? And how do you eat it?

I don’t want to study so I decided to write this to kill time :P.

Pudding what is it?

  • It’s a desert that kids love to eat
  • And when you become an adult you can still enjoy it but don’t eat too much otherwise diarrhea.
  • Anything that is boiled and steamed
  • Can be made out of  pork, meat, chocolate, strawberry or anything else.

Now how do you eat?

  • Go to the store buy some
  • Now open up the Package
  • Now get  a spoon and dig in!

Fun creative ideas I came up with:

  • Get an ice cream cone and put ice cream on it
  • Then add the pudding on top
  • Next put some curry on the top as well
  • Now you have curry pudding ice cream cone!

ice cream pudding

Thanks for reading!





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