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How to hunt for gold in three easy steps

For the adventurous and spirited individuals, there are great treasures out there to be discovered. Treasure hunting and gold hunting shall be your new hobby if you are one of the individuals that seek  richness and fame! Below I will give you three steps on how to start your gold hunting business!

Step 1: Get a pan, or metal detector

Step 2: Go to the beach or somewhere where no one goes but people lose things there a lot

Step 3: Take out your metal detector/pan and start hunting!


You will most likely find trash and old seashells the first time but if you keep at it, your gold hunting skills will level up! Good Luck and thanks for reading. Be sure to tune in next time to learn how to defend yourself from people that want to steal your gold.

gold meme.PNG

Be sure to check out the 7 best locations for hunting for gold!

  1. Arkansas – Ouachita National Forest
  2. Colorado – Cripple Creek
  3. Alabama – Gold Camp
  4. Montana – Libby Creek Recreational Gold Panning Area
  5. Idaho – Alta Ranch
  6. North Georgia – Consolidated Gold Mine
  7. Colorado – Arkansas River

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How to eat fancy ice cream without spending too much money – 7 easy steps

Below I will show you how to eat fancy ice cream without spending too much money in seven easy steps.

How to eat fancy ice cream:

Step 1 : Go to a grocery store

Step 2 : Buy these items

  • A big bucket of ice cream
  • A fancy plate
  • Some fancy ice cream cones
  • Some peanuts, caramel, chocolate, strawberry toppings
  • Oreos
  • An ice cream scooper

Step 3: Go home

Step 4: Take out your ice cream bucket and ice cream scooper and ice cream cones

Step 5: Scoop out as much ice cream as you want and add in as much toppings as you want. Now you are a monster!

Step 6 : Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have a large batch of 20+ fancy ice cream cones

Step 7: Eat it and  enjoy!

Fun things to try: Put your homemade ice cream in the freezer for storage. When the time is ripe take your ice cream batches out and bring them with you to the beach, friends party or outdoor festival. And sell them secretly for 5-10$ each. lol :D.


That’s all you have to do!

Thanks for reading! And remember to document your food adventures so you won’t forget about them when you reach an old age.

how to eat ice cream

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How to grow Tomato in Containers

Tomatoes are really easy to grow. Below I will show you how to grow them


Step 1. Buy a tomato plant from home depot or any nursery.

Step 2. Get a 20 gallon pot and add potting soil to it. Miracle grow or nature’s care are most recommended.

Step 3. Transplant your tomato plant into the pot

Step 4. Add a trellis to your pot to ensure your tomato plant gets the proper support that it needs. You can buy inexpensive trellis at the 99cent store.

Step 5. Water your plant daily and watch it grow

Step 6. Fertilize your plants once a week

Step 7. Watch it grow!

Good luck planting fellow farmers!



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How to be a ninja


  1. Read books about ninjitsu and follow their philosophy and morals.
  2. Practice ninjitsu in privacy, don’t tell anyone your studying this
  3. Don’t dress like a ninja, dress like a normal person to blend in.
  4. Learn to be stealthy and sociable and friendly to everyone
  5. Learn how to fight, pick any martial arts you want. But don’t tell people that you practice martial arts and always avoid fights at all cost.
  6. Learn how to control your emotions
  7. Develop good people skills
  8. Learn how to use weapons
  9. Learn how to escape hazardous situations
  10. Practice safe and be careful out there. It’s 2017 and not everyone can summon dragons or throw fireballs with their hands.


ninja meme
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How to treat chest pains – A home Remedy

Got chest pains for no particular reason? Below are three home methods you could try to use to relieve your chest pains. If these methods do not work, consult a doctor and get the right treatment.

Garlic : Boil some garlic and drink it!

Ginger : Make a ginger tea and drink it

Cayenne Pepper or Powder : Boil this and drink it with milk

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!



remedies for chest pain
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How to write a business plan – Executive Summary

Business is not a field of study for lazy people. There is a lot of work and planning involved in the field of business and one must be on top of his/her work to keep up with demand to meet expectations.

To understand more of business, I decided to conduct research on how to write a business plan and will briefly go over the executive summary below.

What is it?

  • The summary will give your readers a brief insight as to what your business is and what services your business provides
  • It is the first thing that most investors read before they want to invest in your business
  • The summary lists the strengths and overall plan of your business
  • Because the executive summary contains the most information about your business, it should be the last thing you write to ensure that everything is covered.

What is included in the executive summary?

  • The mission statement
  • Company Information
  • Growth Highlights
  • Your Products/service
  • Financial Information
  • Summarization of future plans/goals


Notes : Executive summaries are written in most well known and well established business. For new business and start ups, you won’t have much to write on your summary but that’s ok. Give it some time.

Although Executive summaries and written last in your business plan, the readers usually read the executive summaries first.



business pig
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What is pudding? And how do you eat it?

I don’t want to study so I decided to write this to kill time :P.

Pudding what is it?

  • It’s a desert that kids love to eat
  • And when you become an adult you can still enjoy it but don’t eat too much otherwise diarrhea.
  • Anything that is boiled and steamed
  • Can be made out of  pork, meat, chocolate, strawberry or anything else.

Now how do you eat?

  • Go to the store buy some
  • Now open up the Package
  • Now get  a spoon and dig in!

Fun creative ideas I came up with:

  • Get an ice cream cone and put ice cream on it
  • Then add the pudding on top
  • Next put some curry on the top as well
  • Now you have curry pudding ice cream cone!

ice cream pudding

Thanks for reading!



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How to become an artist without an artistic talent.

Step 1. Find out what your hobbies and interest are

  • Identify what you like to do like on your free time
  • Some examples, movies, sports event, fantasy football team, games, favorite books
  • narrow it down to one

Step 2 :

  • Go to the 99 cent store
  • Buy some supplies, paint brush, drawing pens, paper
  • Get drawing!
  • Draw your favorite movie character, favorite video game character

Step 3:

  • Does it look good?
  • You can always go back and redo it and add finishing touch.

Step 4:

  • Take a picture of it publish it on Instagram, pininterest, tumblr and every social media site you can think of and link it to your own blog/website.
  • Be sure to use proper tags. If you drew star wars, make sure to use the star wars tag.

Step 5:

  • Now that you gain some experience you can continue your progress and keep an online portfolio of your arts.
  • When you get 1000 followers and likes  you probably can start selling your work!

artistic talent

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How to make an educational video – six steps

How to make an educational video !

Step 1: Come up with ideas

  • Something that you are really good at, that you know very well so that you don’t have to spend too much time researching it
  • How to cook
  • How to speak in Japanese
  • How to take photos

Step 2:

  • Record a short speech of yourself showing how to perform those task
  • Keep your video to shorter then 1-2minutes

Step 3:

  • Edit your videos in postproduction
  • Make sure you have all your audio files and video and blogrolls ready

Step 4:

  • Review your entire video, hopefully it makes sense

Step 5:

  • Make final edits and upload to youtube

Step 6:

  • Share the video with your friends and family and online forums. Now you are ready to make your next video!

how to make videos

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How to : Conduct research and write something for your Analytical Chemistry Assignments

How to conduct research.

Step 1 : Come up with a topic that is interesting to you

  • LC/MS/MS
  • Matuszeweki approach on estimating matrix effects and recovery

Step 2: Google things, take short outline notes from articles that are related to your research topic

Step 3: Start Writing and make sure you insert your citations as you go so you don’t have to go back to it in the future.

Step 4: Edit

Step 5: If you are stuck just send an email to your professor or your fellow classmates. Then you’ll get some ideas rolling

Step 6: Final edits and final touch, then turn it in, And go do something fun like exercising, singing, or eating.

Step 7: Destress :). Try to avoid stress by managing your time and setting 1-2 hour timeframes for researching/writing and taking short breaks in between.

Some additional Tips and motivation to get you moving:

Think of it as running through a dungeon in an mmorpg game. You do the same thing over and over again because it is addicting. Why is it so addicting? Because your trying to get a godly item as a reward but you keep finding junk and uncommon gear. It makes you keep going back and back until you get what you want.

gandalf dungeon