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Meal Prep Plan

I am trying to save more money/time by cooking my own food. In order to carry out this plan I will cook a large batch of food every Sunday and leave if it in refrigerator/freezer to take out each day for an entire week. This way I won’t need to cook/eat out every morning, just take out whatever I have in the freezer and gooooo!

I found some easy meal prep recipes online that I would like to share

Recipe taken from : gimmedelicious

I just need to buy all these ingredients in bulk :

  1. Veggies:
    • Garlic,
    • onion,
    • tomatoes,
    • broccoli,
    • zucchini.
    • Chop all those up and stir fry it

2. Chicken

3. Rice

The recipe says to preheat the oven to 450 degrees and bake the chicken and veggies for 15-20minutes. I don’t feel comfortable using my oven just because it takes too long and uses too much electricity/gas. So instead, I will cook my chicken over a large skillet until it turns black.


It’s always important to fuel your body with the right nutrition to be successful. Eating right will keep your body balanced and healthy and will help you study smarter!



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