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My ordinary life : Jan 15 – Jan 21 Recap

This is a recap of how my week went from Sunday Jan 15 2017 to Saturday Jan 21 2017

I made this list using an app called Notebook. Still trying to figure out how to use it

I did not practice any photography or video editing at all this week. I’ve been reading and looking up information for my analytical chemistry class. Our homework involves a ton of graduated level writing and I have no clue what I am doing. I am trying to manage my time so that I can finish up all my studying to spend more time blogging/editing and taking photos/videos.



An issue I encountered and documented (My Journalism practicing skills):

While I was drinking my tea at a local coffee shop and studying for A-chem, I noticed there was an argument behind me. Two people were arguing about sitting down. One lady said she got there first and did not want the other lady to sit there. I believe the other lady wanted to sit in a seat next to her but there was a bunch of stuff on the table and so she complained about it. So they argued about it for more then ten minutes. The manager came out to help resolve the issue but they both still seemed upset. The issue was solved, they both got seating arrangements but there was still tension between the two groups of ladies.

The lady that filed the complaint was able to sit down but then she called the customer service to file another complaint directly.

Just small everyday problems that can be solved if you are nice to everyone. I could have came over to help resolve the issue quicker but I did not want to get stabbed. Maybe next time I will walk over and be prepared to listen and offer win/win suggestions.

What can I do next time to gain confidence to intervene and help solve problems? I must release all fears and know what to say/accomplish first!

And now I leave you with a photo of this goat because we are all goats in this world! :







I am a wandering soul! I enjoy traveling and adventure. I am mostly on WP to read stories from other fellow adventurers and improve my writing skills. I read to seek information and learn about life to understand more about human relations. Feel free to follow and comment :).

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