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Life Visualization: Imagine your Funeral


The book I am reading


I am reading a book called “The Charisma Myth” by Olivia Fox Cabane. One of the exercise to gain a feeling of gratitude involves imagining your own funeral. So below I will show you the predictions of my funeral.

Here I am lying down in this nice warm bed.

There are people walking around. Laughing and having fun

Everyone is dressed in black and white

A few waiters/waitresses walks around to pass appetizer (Chinese dumplings).

Appetizer take an appetizer and cheer up they say

There are clowns making balloon animals

and people giving out Samurai style cloths and Kimonos

Oh what a wonderful day this is

I hear voices speaking

Oh that guy that died, oh he invited me to a party once but I didn’t showed up. Whyyyy!

Oh me too, he invited me to go hiking but I didn’t go

Yehh he invited me to go to a dinner one week ahead to discuss professional development but I changed my mind for other obligations.

Appetizer, get your fresh Chinese dumplings here!

Oh that guy is so annoying, he’s always trying to be friends with everyone but no one wants him around

Fresh Chinese Dumplings, get your fresh dumplings

Happy Lunar New year?

Yes Take a dumpling!

Have a pork bun too while your at it

The end*

THIS is how I would want my funeral to be like. Free food, free cloths, free gossip. Lol! But if I did had a real funeral, I doubt any would show up. I’d rather live for now and work hard to win some accomplishments and awards! I need to improve my speech and presentation skills.

Oh did I mention, those waiters/waitresses are there to pick up gossip and deliver the messages for me :).


IF your interested in the book that I am reading, you can purchase it on amazon for 10-13$

Here is the link:

(Free advertisement :P).


I found this photo online






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My ordinary life : Jan 15 – Jan 21 Recap

This is a recap of how my week went from Sunday Jan 15 2017 to Saturday Jan 21 2017

I made this list using an app called Notebook. Still trying to figure out how to use it

I did not practice any photography or video editing at all this week. I’ve been reading and looking up information for my analytical chemistry class. Our homework involves a ton of graduated level writing and I have no clue what I am doing. I am trying to manage my time so that I can finish up all my studying to spend more time blogging/editing and taking photos/videos.



An issue I encountered and documented (My Journalism practicing skills):

While I was drinking my tea at a local coffee shop and studying for A-chem, I noticed there was an argument behind me. Two people were arguing about sitting down. One lady said she got there first and did not want the other lady to sit there. I believe the other lady wanted to sit in a seat next to her but there was a bunch of stuff on the table and so she complained about it. So they argued about it for more then ten minutes. The manager came out to help resolve the issue but they both still seemed upset. The issue was solved, they both got seating arrangements but there was still tension between the two groups of ladies.

The lady that filed the complaint was able to sit down but then she called the customer service to file another complaint directly.

Just small everyday problems that can be solved if you are nice to everyone. I could have came over to help resolve the issue quicker but I did not want to get stabbed. Maybe next time I will walk over and be prepared to listen and offer win/win suggestions.

What can I do next time to gain confidence to intervene and help solve problems? I must release all fears and know what to say/accomplish first!

And now I leave you with a photo of this goat because we are all goats in this world! :





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Passage towards tranquility and prosperity : Hiking Trip


It’s a broken piece of a boat maybe – Taken with Go Pro Hero 4 Session


On Saturday, I went on a quick hiking trip to debrief about what I did this week. I thought it would be a quick trip but the total time it took to hike up and hike back down the mountain was about 4 hours. I took a longer trail called Big Rock Trail, which eventually merged into the main trail leading to the mountain.

Photo of Big Rock Trail – Go Pro Hero 4 Session


Why did I do this?

It was a quest for me to gain some confidence and to think about the things I’ve done the previous week. I needed to take some time off and be more organized. I needed to change my attitude so I can have a better personality and perception about life. #Add to dictionary! It was also to get out into nature and take some nature photos and practice landscape photography.

What did I learned?

As I hiked up the mountains I said hello to other hikers that were hiking as well. I practiced my vocals and was able to say hello, good morning, or good afternoon to people. I was also able to ask them how their day went. Improving my people skills slowly.

Things I regret not doing

Although I was able to talk to a few other hikers and backpackers, I would like to engage in small talk with them and find out information about where they are from and why they decided to go hiking at this time. I noticed a lot of people were taking pictures at the peak of the mountain, I would like to request to photograph them next time and maybe join in on the picture too. To be a part of a picture makes you an important figure.

Littering is bad, so don’t do it!


Tips I would like to give:

  • Bring water/snacks to stay hydrated
  • Sunscreen is a must
  • Bring a book with you to keep you busy (hiking is time consuming)
  • Practice your smile to strangers
  • Wear comfortable cloths/shoes (I wear long pants and long sleeve sweater so I don’t scrape myself or pick up poison ivy).
  • It will get hot, and you will sweat
  • If you hike alone, be careful (check your surroundings every time – Krav maga style)

Shoes: If you are hiking, try not to wear shoes that hurt your feet. I was wearing some boots that didn’t fit me really well so I had trouble going back down. I have small blisters on my feet now, but hopefully it will heal by next week.

Book: Hiking also takes a lot of time so bring a book with you. I brought a small life skill book with me to kill time while I was hiking. Of course always pay attention to your surroundings so you don’t get jumped by mountain lions, snakes or thugs. Don’t worry about me I know what I’m doing!

I should go hiking every weekend huh?

One minute video Footage and Mushroom Photos coming soon!

Thank you for reading!


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Life Skills : via Let Go — MakeItUltra™

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh Click here to learn about the psychological services we provide Click here for a free initial consultation Website: Email: Telephone: (818) 208-1920 Free initial consultations | Sliding scale fees | TeleTherapy […]

via Let Go — MakeItUltra™

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Quest to gain people skills – Week 1

Photo taken at a hummingbird aviary at the Zoo

This is a quick post to summarize what I learned between 1/1/2017 to 1/8/2017.

Quick Introduction:

No Phone for 30 days. Instead of staring at my phone I will stare at other people and other people’s phone. This is for me to improve my confidence, listening and people skills. I’m going to master the art of small talk.

What I learned this week:

I will try my best to summarize all the events and good gossip I’ve noticed from my observation. I’ll keep the list short to just 4 things.

  • Most people are nice, they will respond to you if you say hello to them and ask them how their weekend went.
  • Some people are willing to share about their experiences. If you ask them questions about food, they will review lots of useful creative juice.
  • There are some people that will keep their voices down when they are talking to their friends. This is because they are hiding something (from me lol).
  • Not everyone wants to talk, most people will just look at social media on their phones and sometimes they will share random memes (So this is what people spend their free time on).



I will try to become an expert in a specific topic next time so I know what to say whenever I approach people and interact with them. Below are some topics I will look more into

  • Indian Food
  • Latest Action Movies
  • Football
  • Business related
  • Skill books
Photo taken at the zoo. What do goats and people have in common? We chew on things…

Thank you for reading!



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Video Practice Log: Nature Valley Granola Bars


Photo taken at a lake.


In an effort to improve my video production and editing skills. I am making a series of videos to gain some experience. I will try my best to keep each video shorter then 2 minutes long.

It’s part of my weekly log to improve my real life skills

  • People Skills
  • Eating Skills
  • Animal Taming Skills
  • Agility Skills
  • Trash Hoarding Skills
  • Reading Skills


Royalty Free Music brought to you by Bensound music.


If you follow the link below it will direct you to my youtube video. Be sure to hit the like or dislike button! It only takes a few seconds! :).

See my YouTube video by clicking here!

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Monday : Happy New Year and my plan for the next 2 months.

Hello WordPress Friends!,

I will try to keep this post as short and straight to the point as possible!

First, I Would like to say Happy New Year!. I am sure everyone had a lot of fun spending time with their loved ones and friends.

Next I would like to post this photo that I took at a pond!


Ducks swimming at a pond. Black and White Photo



Finally I would like to share my Goals for the next 1-2 months:

  1. Attend Toastmaster once a week and be prepared to make speeches and sharing my hobbies and interests with others. (It’s 2 hours a week, so painful!).
  2. Take Analytical Chemistry (Online Course).
  3. Spend 8 hours a week learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 (It cost 30$ a month 😦 so I need to learn it or I’ll just be wasting money).
  4. Spend 2 Hours a week practicing photography and Cinematography.
  5. Leave my phone in the car for one whole month. Avoid using it so that I can talk to other people near me instead.
  6. Go to the gym 3-5 days a week. Put in 5-10 lbs of muscle by March.
  7. Spend the rest of my free time learning new skills that are fun and profitable (TBA).

I have more but I will stop at #6.

As for #5. I am starting a project to improve my professional communication and people skills. My phone will not be used too often. I will document everything I say and how other people respond to me. Tune in next time!