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Sony A6000 Apps: How to purchase and download useful Apps

The sony A6000 mirrorless camera has a few apps that might come in handy. The timelapse app, the stopmotion app and the  double exposure

I wanted to use the timelapse app and stopmotion app to capture short videos but I had a lot of trouble downloading and installing them on my camera. But I’ve finally managed to download the timelapse app and I will now share my solution to this problem for free to other sony mirrorless camera users out there.

The stopmotion app might come in handy for making claymotion videos.

Frozen Playdoh Set from Target



Step 1: Create a Sony Entertainment account and set up your payment method

You will need to use your computer to create an account from the sony entertainment website if you don’t have one yet.  Once you’ve done that you will need to verify your email address and set up a payment method. You can link your credit card or your paypal to your sony account. I linked mine with paypal. Once you’ve done those two things you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Try to purchase an app and install it.

For this step I tried to purchase and download an app but it said that my credit card information is invalid. I’ve researched this problem online and noticed that many other people have experience the same problem as well. I’ve also had trouble installing the play memories downloader application to  download the apps with my camera connected to my computer. Read on to find the solution.

Solution #1 : Payment method

To solve the problem and bypass the invalid credit card message you will need to purchase a separate playstation gift card from Target or your local supermarket. I bought a 20$ gift card from target and I redeemed it through my account and it was able to load 20$ into my sony account’s wallet. You can now purchase the app of your choice.20161210_191215-1redeem-prepaid-card-playstation


Solution #2: Downloading/Installing the Apps

When I tried to download the time lapse app on my computer, it said I had to install their playmemories downloader application. Well I did that and nothing happened. They said that the program would autolaunch after it finished installing but it did not. The troubleshoot solutions said to restart and retry if it does not auto launch but that did nothing. I also could not locate that program anywhere on my computer. This was a very frustrating moment.

The Sony a6000 has wifi compatibility so you don’t really need to plug the usb into your computer. I solved this problem by disconnecting my camera from the usb port and connect it to the wifi instead. I then went to apps and downloaded the timelapse app directly from my camera. I already set up my account and payment method from step 1 so all I had to do was login and click download and install via my camera. And It finally worked.

*Note that even if you have money in your online wallet but have not set up a payment method, it will not let you purchase apps.

Hopefully that helps! Hopefully I can make 100+ videos and earn back the 20$ and time spent on figuring out how to use these apps.

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