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Sunset Photo Retry – Exposure/Iso reduction

I finally Figured out how to take better sunset picture!

They key is to lower your exposure and lower your iso settings.

So before my exposure was at +0 to +0.3 with a high iso of over 1000.

Now I lowered the exposure to between -1.0 to -0.3 with an iso setting of below 400. The sun photo came out more more clearer then before.

Here is the photo I took

The sunset photo I took with a high iso and +0 exposure:



And here are the ones I took with a negative exposure setting and lower iso setting:


Did you notice the difference between the top and bottom picture? Which picture do you like better? Now I shall remake my sunset timelapse video with this new knowledge!

All pictures were taken with a sony a6000 mirrorless camera.



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