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Five Things I did over the weekend

Happy the Week After Thanksgiving.


I didn’t really had any Turkey because my family and relatives usually don’t celebrate holidays. But I found other ways to enjoy the weekend.

I made a video on you tube. Please take a look at it!

Please Subscribe and share if you like the video and would like to see more. I will try to post new videos once every 1-2 weeks.

What did you do over the weekend? Feel free to share in the comments below!

*Turkey photo from Chowhound.


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Three tips for getting up in the morning when it’s cold



I’ve been trying to get up early in the morning to film the sunrise but It’s been so cold lately that I haven’t been able to get the motivation to step outside the house.

I know it’s a bad excuse but I need to get over it! Below are three tips to feel warm on cold mornings:

  1. Start the day off
    1. Wake up, fold your cloths, fold your bedsheets and brush your teeth right away
  2. Trap the heat
    1. Take a quick hot shower, dry yourself and dress quickly
    2. Drink some hot coffee/ hot cocao.
  3. Let yourself embrace the cold for over ten minutes
    1. Once you let this happen and accept the coldness you can start moving
    2. Go get your heart rate up by jogging to your car or your bike.
    3. Get moving and get exercising. Jumping jacks
  4. Now you are ready to start your day!


Source :


2. Picture from globewiki how.


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Ten other things to do on Thanksgiving


Not everyone eats Turkey on Thanksgiving and not everyone has people to celebrate Thanksgiving with. So below I have listed ten other things that people can do to celebrate this wonderful Holiday!

Here are ten other things you can do on Thanksgiving when you don’t have anyone to celebrate it with.


  1. Go to Walmart and shop for snacks (Most stores are closed but Walmart is still open)
  2. Eat Chimichangas at Walmart for 1$ each.
  3. Buy Soda’s and Drinks at Walmart
  4. Go Hiking, travel somewhere locally
  5. Play a game on your phone – Otogi Spirit Agents
  6. Make a funny video
  7. Travel to Starbucks
  8. Buy Popcorn chicken at Walmart for 2 dolla and fifty cents and walk around and eat it
  9. Go to the park/gym and jog around
  10. Buy 1000$ worth of Toilet Paper.
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Anime Drifter


After watching the first episode of the Drifter Anime, I’d thought it would be nice to write a little bit about it.

I’d say it’s pretty interesting. It’s about Samurai that was thrown into another world with elfs. This world also consists of other characters from other era’s that were also thrown into this new world. So they all met together there. How strange!

The story seems really interesting and I would totally continue watching it to find out what is going on!

Have you seen this anime before? Would you watch it after reading this?


I saw it on crunchyroll~

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Aztec Water : Ten Fun Facts you should know!


Greetings to my fellow readers!!

Last Thursday I took my final exam at an ancient city of Aztecs and I was able to sneak out this bottle! I thought I’d write about it. I had a lot of fun making the video and coming up with ideas to write about! I hope you like reading my article and feel free to comment on what you think of this water.

Ten fun facts about Aztec Water:

  1. It’s crystal clear! Your Favorite Color Right?
  2. It taste just like regular water
  3. It has the Aztec Logo on it (The SDSU logo i believe)
  4. You can drink out of the bottle!
  5. It’s not something you normally drink at Starbucks! What do you normally drink at starbucks? Leave a comment!
  6.  The water originated from the ancient valley of the Aztecs (I made this up lol)
  7. You will gain magical powers from drinking this water!
  8. You can defend yourself with it (Watch the video, I will show you how)
  9. You will gain lots of Confidence when you drink this water!
  10. You can brag about this water to all your friends!


Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to check out my youtube video and channel for more videos! I will try to post one video each week.

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Ten Reasons why you should play Blade and Soul

Ten reasons why you should play Blade and Soul.


Below you will find my ten reasons to play Blade and Soul :

  1. It’s Fun!
  2. You can Fly!
  3. You can run very fast!
  4. You can develop your professional speaking skills while playing the game!
  5. You can learn magic to defend yourself from bullies
  6. You can become any profession. You have a job!
  7. You will be rewarded for every quest you complete! Free gold!
  8. You can develop your Leadership skills
    1. Lead a group of players to go kill monsters and level up.
  9. You can become a hero!
  10. You can travel the world without spending any money!

Thanks for reading!

For more information about this game go here :

I also made a video. Please check it out and subscribe to my channel:
I post new videos once every 1-2 weeks.
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Overwatch free game play weekend! November 18-21 2016

I saw a post online about the free gameplay weekend and I would like to share it.

I’ve never played this game before but I saw youtube videos online and it had over 1 million views. So it must be really popular!

Who has played this game before? I’ve never played it before and I am looking forward to playing it for free on November 18th!


Source : 1.

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My study plan for 11-5 to 11-7-2016

plan11-5-2016 plan

My study plan for the next 2 days 11-5-2016 to 11-7-2016

I don’t have a lot of time left so I need to get through this as quickly as possible.

I’m studying autoimmunity and cancer related diseases right now. I want to get this finished so I can take my final and go do other things like photography, videography and  exploring outside.


What I need to finish

  1. Review 10.1 to 10.3, quickly go over key words and key terms that are important (you think are important)
  2. Write true or false questions and multiple choice questions for the keywords that you think are important
  3. Quickly look over midterm that you took and go over your incorrect answers
  4. Pick a topic that is related to module 10 and write a quick discussion about it
  5. Respond to student’s discussion question
  6. Take quiz #4 (it is from module 9 and 10), To prepare for this quiz, you need to make and practice true/false questions, free response, multiple choice, and fill in the blank.
  7. Go to the gym and exercise for at least one hour
  8. Make sure you eat healthy brain related food


Time today 11:14am. Take breaks every hour or when you can’t study anymore(short 10-15 minute breaks).