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Listening Skills


Tips to be a better listener:


  1. Stop talking!
  2. Prepare to listen
  3. Encourage the speaker to continue by nodding or using hand gestures
  4. Remove all distractions -put your phone away, and don’t stare at other things
  5. Empathise – have an open mind so you can understand the other person’s point of view.
  6. Patience – Don’t interrupt the speaker, if you do, apologize and ask them to continue.
  7. Avoid prejudice – Ignore the way they talk and don’t judge them based on their appearance. Try to focus on what they are trying to say
  8. Listen to the tone – Try to understand their tone, high or low pitch so you can pick out what was important in the conversation.
  9. Listen for ideas – Try to focus on what ideas they are trying to give you
  10. Non-verbal communication – sometimes they will nod or wink or use weird eye movement. Try to understand what that means.


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