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Ten things I am grateful for in life


I little bird told me that I should write down ten things I am grateful for every day in order to become more positive and successful.

Below are my ten positive things for today:

  1. Having enough food and water to survive
  2. Online guides on how to replace kitchen faucets made by other you-tubers.
  3. Having access weightlifting equipment
  4. Sunscreen/sunblock
  5. Polarized glasses
  6. Protein Shakes
  7. Being able to grow my own vegetables
  8. Knowing how to meet new people and attend social gatherings alone.
  9. Knowing how to make new friends and build up new connections throughout life
  10. Going hiking by myself without encountering any mountain lions


I am a wandering soul! I enjoy traveling and adventure. I am mostly on WP to read stories from other fellow adventurers and improve my writing skills. I read to seek information and learn about life to understand more about human relations. Feel free to follow and comment :).

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