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Arms workout routine by Calum Von Moger

I’ve been trying to gain upper body mass for a while but I haven’t really following any training routine. I’ve only been lifting random weights and doing curls until I can’t feel it anymore. But I’m going to start following this guide made by Calum Von Moger for one week and see how it goes. I usually use the reverse pyramid method. I grab the heaviest weight first and work it until failure and then drop the weight and go to failure. The hardest part is training my mind to push to failure, sometimes you just want to give up halfway but you know you can probably push for 5 more reps until you can’t feel your muscles anymore!

Here are the workout routines from the bodybuilding website:

  1. Barbell curl (4 sets of 6-12 reps)
  2. Preacher Curl (4 sets)
  3. Concentration Curls (2 warm up sets, 2-3 working sets)
  4. Ez-bar skull crusher (what is this)
  5. Seated tricep press (4 sets to failure)
  6. Dips – triceps version (4 sets to failure)

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