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Listening Skills


Tips to be a better listener:


  1. Stop talking!
  2. Prepare to listen
  3. Encourage the speaker to continue by nodding or using hand gestures
  4. Remove all distractions -put your phone away, and don’t stare at other things
  5. Empathise – have an open mind so you can understand the other person’s point of view.
  6. Patience – Don’t interrupt the speaker, if you do, apologize and ask them to continue.
  7. Avoid prejudice – Ignore the way they talk and don’t judge them based on their appearance. Try to focus on what they are trying to say
  8. Listen to the tone – Try to understand their tone, high or low pitch so you can pick out what was important in the conversation.
  9. Listen for ideas – Try to focus on what ideas they are trying to give you
  10. Non-verbal communication – sometimes they will nod or wink or use weird eye movement. Try to understand what that means.


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How to be more outgoing : Find people of similar interest


Would you like to be more outgoing. Have a better social life and make friends easier? The first then you must do it to get out their by yourself and find people of similar interest to you.

Once you have built up some confidence to go out by yourself (joining clubs, social events) you can practice talking to strangers (at those events) to find out what they like to do and see if they share a similar interest. If you want people to know you more, you must first connect with them by finding out their hobbies and interest and sharing yours with them.

Once you know what they like to do for fun you can plan an event that is related to their interest and your similar interest.  Because in life, people only care about themselves and their needs so if you want friends make sure to keep that in mind.

Your needs/goal: To be more outgoing and make new friends that share the same interest.

Their needs/goal : To ______. It’s up to you to find out and fill in this blank.

Now you can invite them to go hiking to take photos with you. Or you can invite them to play badminton. And if they like both hiking and basketball you can plan an event and invite a bunch of people to join you in your hiking trip while carrying a basketball with you. Toss it around and look like a fool. But do not worry about how others think you might look like a fool, because you have to get out of your comfort soon and learn through trial and error in order to have fun and be more outgoing. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what other people say about you. Just let loose and have fun.

If your new friends like football. Plan an event at a sports bar and invite them all to come watch football with you. And also bring a football with you to toss around so you can break a few windows… *don’t do that.

Things to keep in mind:

Remember that not everyone shares the same interest. They also might not want to go to your event because they have their own circle of friends. Accept that and move on to the next person. Also don’t be needy or pushy, keep talking to everyone you see and spread positive vibes. Practice makes perfect and it will take time to be more outgoing. Try and dedicate one or two days a week to make time and practice this new skill that you just learned!

And lastly*: Try to get their contact information after you finished talking to them so that you can follow up next time. If you share common interests they will most likely want to follow up with you.




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Top 3 mistakes people make for travel videos

Below is a video that will help other video travel bloggers make better travel videos!

  1. Shots that do not serve a purpose
    1. Have a purpose for making your video. Why are you there. How did you get there? What are your goals? Tell a story!
  2. Not enough people
    1. People want to see what other people are doing
    2. If you are too shy to film your friends, just try practice asking them
  3. Not having a plan
    1. Plan out what your going to do and narrate it in your head first before you head on out
    2. It helps to write it down.


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Tips for shooting better travel video

I saw a video on tips for shooting better travel video that I would like to share!

Some tips from the video:

  1. Carry a nice backpack to pack all your camera gear.
  2.  Bring an extra charger
  3. Avoid Repetitive camera movement
  4. Better filming guide : Tilt the horizon, film low scenes, find good lighting, find good motion
  5. Hold each clip for 10 seconds to make crossfade
  6. Use external mic for sound editing

And always have fun!

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How to ask a girl out


Below you will find five ways to ask a girl out. I spend most of my free time exercising, reading and doing photography but I’ve never really tried asking a girl out before. I am unsure of how this skill works so I would like to share what I’ve learned online! Below you will find some useful tips and guides that will help you become successful on your quest of overcoming fear of rejection!


1. Save up some money and plan out how much you want to spend on yourself and the girl that you are asking out.

2. Find out what she likes to do for fun. You can find out in person, online (facebook) or via text messaging. Is she an outdoor adventurer or an indoor person. Maybe she prefers watching movies over hiking or kayaking.

3. Now that you found out what she likes to do for fun, you can plan the event. Keep it straightforward and don’t  hide anything.  Buy her a giant cookie and then ask her out on a date! You can write it on paper or you can say it in person. If she doesn’t want the cookie or if she says no. It’s ok, you tried your best :). Just go to the gym and run or lift some weights and debrief on what you did right and wrong and move on!

Other ways to ask her out:

4. Get her a little teddy bear that can record stuff. You need to find out if she even likes teddy bears first before you attempt this risky move. Because teddy bears are expensive!

5. Give her some flowers or a single rose or a ballon. Write down : Will you go out with me on a note!

Other things to consider:

  1. Look confident by keeping your chin up, look forward, keep your shoulders down, keep your chest high, have an upright body and don’t slouch.
  2. Things not to do: Stare at the ground, cross legs and arms, slump your shoulders, fidget
  3. Dress appropriately
  4. Be yourself : talk about things that you are good at and don’t be afraid to share your success!

Try it and let me know what happens on your disaster/successful date! Practice makes perfect, you will never improve without practicing :). I think i’ll try it too and we shall see what happens.






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How to calculate your calorie needs for muscle mass


If you are underweight, overweight, average weight or just want to build muscle and accomplish something in life, the first thing you need to do is learn how much you have to eat and incorporate that into your everyday nutritional diet. In this article I will review how to calculate your calorie needs and determine how much protein, fat and carbohydrates your body must consume in order to gain muscle mass/weight. Once you learned how much you need to eat to accomplish your goals then you can start going to the gym and learning the basics about lifting weights to failure.

Lean Bulk or Agressive Bulk?

If you are average weight you should aim for lean bulk. Which is your TDEE +250 calories

If you are underweight (That’s totally me). You should aim for aggressive bulk, which is your TDEE + 500 calories. This will help you gain weight more.

**TDEE stands for total daily energy expenditure**


Calculating your calorie intake and requirements

In order to determine your TDEE, you must first go to this website  and it will give you an estimate of how much calorie you need per day:

Once you have that number down you can use it to determine your protein, fat, and carbohydrate requirements


1g of protein per lb of your total body weight. Take that number multiply it by 4 to get your calories


0.45 grams of fat per lb of your total body weight. Take that number and multiply it by 9 to get your calories.


The remaining calories will be your carbohydrates. Add the total calories that you need for either aggressive or lean bulk to your TDEE.

Take that total number and subtract it from your protein and fat calories. This will give you your remaining calories of carbohydrates. Once you have that you can divide it by 4 to get the remaining grams of carbohydrates that you need.


So what number did you get, feel free to share!

I’m underweight and I would like to go for aggressive bulk so here are my nutritional requirements

Protein : 107g

Fat : 48.15g

Carbohydrates 434.66g

TDEE : 2600 Calories


I am  not sure how to keep track of what I eat but I will figure it out soon.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this article is helpful for other people that want to change their diet to gain muscle mass.


My protein food: Chicken, eggs, protein shake

Carbohydrates : Rice, oats, fruit, vegetables

Fats: Avocados, cheese, mixed nuts and seeds.


Remember, it’s all about what you eat that will make your body change. Don’t go to the gym and lift weights without proper nutrition!

In this article I only talked about calorie needs. To read more about gaining muscle and what kind of exercises you need to do, go to the link below: