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It’s never to late to become successful!

It’s never too late to become successful by learning how to become a Straight A Student!



I always wondered how Straight A students are able to get straight As and be active in other extracellular activities. In High School it’s really easy to study for tests and quizzes because my teacher taught my how and what I needed to learn. Mandatory note taking, mandatory exam reviews, mandatory fixing wrong questions on exam and organization. When I went to college I forgot how to do all of that and my grades weren’t so high as they used to be in High school. I didn’t know how to study. Or rather I forgot how to study. I always wondered how some other students are able to join Fraternity/Sororities and still get Straight As. How are they able to take on leadership position of a student organization and still keep their grades up? Some of those students eventually graduated and went onto medical school and other high graduate programs. They are so good but I was too shy to ask them how they did it.

I finally decided to end my curiosity by utilizing my wits in order to discover ways to help myself! I bought a book on how to study and how to get good grades and I will devote everyday to reading it and mastering it. It’s already been one month since I had it and I believe I am starting to understand the basics of this useful skill. Think of it as studying how to study. It sounds ridiculous but it’s something that I’ve never really mastered and I would like to learn! Your never to old to learn how to play the guitar so it’s probably never too late to learn how to study.


I took the picture above from the library today. And I edited it briefly. Do you like the chocolate bar? I think it helps me study faster :). Would you agree with that?



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