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How to be successful at work

successsI found 7 habits on how to be successful at work and I would like to share them!

  1. Focus on Strengths not weaknesses
    • Find out what your good at and use it to your advantage
  2. Work your best
    • Look for inspiration, shut off outside noises with headphones, working in groups, working alone. Everyone has different ways of working
  3. Attitude
    • Control your attitude and think positively
    • Don’t focus on other life issues or personal challenges when your at work, keep those at home.
  4. Eat healthier
    • Food makes you happy!, Bring some snacks and make sure you eat a good breakfast before you head off to work!
    • Eggs, yogurt, snacks.
  5. Good Deeds
    • Be nice to other people and do something to make them feel appreciated
    • Some examples: Take on simple task, grabbing coffee for them, giving back to your team.
  6. Dwelling
    • Don’t do this
    • Even if you had a bad day, spend 10 minutes thinking about what happened and how it could have been better. Then forget about it and move on!
  7. Reflection
    • Before you leave, review three things that went well that day. It helps you think more positively!




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