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My experience with a personal trainer

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Greetings to my readers,

These past two months I signed up for gym membership and I also signed up for a personal trainer to help guide me through my exercises. I actually didn’t planned on signing up for the personal training but the sales member somehow persuaded me.

Originally I didn’t want to register for a personal trainer because it was very expensive (About 700-800$ a month for 12 sessions). They kept asking me yes questions and eventually I was convinced to sign up for the training sessions.

Positive things about my personal trainer:

I was able to learn new exercises and how to properly gain muscle mass gradually.

I somewhat learned how to eat more and add a variety of food throughout my day.


Negative things about my personal trainer:

I expected my trainer to be very knowledgeable but apparently she lacks expertise and assertive communication.

Instead of giving me advice and wisdom on how to properly carry out exercises and gain mass on my own, she would often ask me some some questions and respond in a negative way.

How are you going to do these exercise by yourself?

How are you going to push yourself to add more weight?

She assumes that I would not go to the gym often as soon as I was done with her training sessions. She believes I will lose all the muscle I gained once I am finished with her training sessions. I apparently have been going to the gym on my own 6 days a week and I find her to be very rude.

Yes questions:

After training with her for a month I noticed that she often asks the yes type of questions to try and get me to sign up for her training sessions again. I believe she just wants money and doesn’t care about the growth of her students.

Some questions that she asked me:

You want to build muscle right?

You want to gain weight right?

If I say yes, I will be forced to sign up for her sessions again. So to respond to her rude questions I had to say no. This women hasn’t given me any guidance or wisdom for me to be confident in training by myself. I think she just wants to keep me there so she can make more money.

Nutritional Guidance:

In addition to the personal training, the trainer also reviewed some nutrition and gave suggestions on what I should eat.

Although the information was very good I apparently find her approach to explaining nutrition and getting me to eat more protein rich food to be very unprofessional.

She would often ask me what I ate throughout the day. When I told her what I ate, she seems to be very defensive and starts telling me to eat more, drink 2-3 protein shakes daily.

She raises her voice and that does not seem professional to me. When I told her I had one egg for breakfast, she told me to eat 12 eggs a day to gain more mass. That was where she lost my trust and I find her to be a not so reputable source of nutrition. Eating too much eggs will lead to high cholesterol and that can kill you.

I think she could use some coaching to improve her people and assertive communication skills. She is very hard to approach and respond to because she always says defensive statements in a rude way. I do not feel comfortable talking to her and I will report her to the manager.


What I learned from all this:

I will not sign up for a personal trainer again. You expect to get a lot of progress and goals achieved through the help of a personal trainer but not with someone that always thinks negatively and assumes you will not lift enough weights to achieve your goals. My training session was actually 2 months long, so I had to pay 1400$ for them. That was very foolish of me and I should have said no and walked out of that door.

I have taken martial arts class before and I believe my sensei has given me more wisdom and confidence to be off on my own then this expensive trainer. I will most likely find a martial arts school near me to train with instead of a useless personal trainer.

Some advice I want to give:

Don’t be afraid to say no and run out that door when people try and persuade you with yes questions.

Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to seek out guidance from other people.

Don’t be afraid to report things that you see are unjust.

There are better sources of exercise routines and nutritional guidance online, take advantage of those.


Other things that might be useful:

I don’t think that all personal trainers are rude like this, this is just my experience with a specific trainer.

Because my trainer was a terrible nutritional guidance, I went online and found alternatives and better suggestions from famous celebrities.


The Video below is about Terry Crews workout and what he eats daily.







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