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Five ways to overcome fear and anxiety


Have you ever been afraid of something before? Fear is a learned behavior and it is implemented through childhood or past experience. Although it is a hard feeling to overcome, it is still possible to get over it. Below I will share 5 ways to help people overcome their fears!

Steps to overcome your fear:

  1. Breath
    1. Stop, take some time to breath in for a few seconds then breath out for a few seconds
  2. Prepare to feel peaceful
    1. Imagine yourself at the event that makes you must fearful. And just breath in and out and calm yourself so that you can think clearly.
    2. Pretend like the event has already happened (giving a speech in public, talking to professors, standing in the dark all by yourself, dead bodies, earthworms, being attacked by ninjas)
  3. Think differently by not letting the fearful part of your brain take over.
    1. Identify your fear from a scale of 1-10.  Ten means your most scared and one means your not.
    2. If you are shaking a lot then your probably a 10. If you practice the breathing technique you will become less anxious and shaky
    3. You can now scale yourself down to a 7 by simply breathing. Keep doing this until it drops down to a lower number.
  4. Use your imagination
    1. Keep using your breathing technique.
    2. As you use your breathing technique imagine yourself doing something else that is comfortable.
    3. Examples of things to think about : Eating all you can eat korean barbeque, playing video games, becoming a hero as you save a princess from monsters.
    4. This will calm you down.
  5. AWARE
    3. A : ACT LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. Pretend like nothing is new, like you’ve been in this situation 100 times already.
    4. R : REPEAT
    5. E : EXPECT THE BEST. Expect that you are able to control your fears and anxiety.

It will take a lot of efforts and practice to overcome your fears. But if you push yourself to follow these few steps everyday your fear scale should drop significantly!


Thanks for reading!

What are some of your fears and how are you going to overcome it now that you’ve read this article?

For me: heights, ghosts, public speaking , slimy worms and zombies.

If I encounter a ghost, I will practice breathing in and out and then I’ll say hello to it. If it attempts to grab me I’m going to bash my foot right up it’s __ and then run away.




2. Picture from google search




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