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Thirteen activities for you to enjoy a hot blazing summer!

Summer is coming up and it can get really hot. Here are some things that you can do on a hot day!

  1. Visit an ice cream parlor. (invite a friend or go by yourself and get something nice)
  2. Find a cool, spot under a tree and drink lemonade
  3. Drive somewhere you’ve never been before, somewhere cooler then outside!
  4. Go to a shopping mall and stare at people!
  5. Go to a bookstore and look at the new books!
  6. Learn a new language! (I’m learning chinese and tagalog).
  7. Go fishing!
  8. Go to a swimming pool and play a game of Marco Polo with your friends
  9. Sell lemonade in front of your house 😛
  10. Go to a bowling alley and bowl! Invite your friends and see who can score the most. The loser must buy everyone drinks!
  11. Adopt an animal! Get a dog and be friends with it forever!
  12. Chill and enjoy life as much as possible!
  13. Go zip lining!


Thank you for reading my article!

I got these ideas from an online website :




And here is a picture of me eating snacks and chilling out at the library with my laptop :).





I am a wandering soul! I enjoy traveling and adventure. I am mostly on WP to read stories from other fellow adventurers and improve my writing skills. I read to seek information and learn about life to understand more about human relations. Feel free to follow and comment :).

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