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16 Things everyone needs to learn how to do!

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I found some useful information from life hack that I would like to share!

  1. Learn how to start a fire without a match
  2. Learn how to grow your own vegetables
  3. Learn how to swim
  4. Learn how to build a website
  5. Learn how to think critically
  6. Learn how to dress properly
  7. Learn how to approach and meet new people
  8. Learn how to negotiate
  9. Learn how to toast in front of people
  10. Learn how to defend yourself against multiple attackers
  11. Learn how to speak one or two languages besides english
  12. Learn how to compliment
  13. Learn how to respond to criticism
  14. Learn basic first aid
  15. Learn how to parallel park
  16. Learn how to say sorry and admit that you were wrong

To view more interesting facts, feel free to visit the lifehack article.

Thanks for reading! Which one of these useful skills would you like to learn in the future? Feel free to commit below.



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